The Birth of a STAR


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Since the break-up of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands colonies in 1975, and setting up its own internal government in 1976, the Ellice Islands had a Broadcasting and Information Department that operated a small radio station and a weekly newsletter namely ‘Tuvalu Echoes’.

When it became independent from Great Britain on 01 October 1978, the Ellice islands called itself ‘Tuvalu’ meaning ‘eight standing together’.

The ‘Tuvalu Echoes’ was the only newsletter circulating in those days, Now there is a great need for news about all the events that had taken and are taking place in Tuvalu and of Tuvaluans in the world, hence the birth of “KMT news” newspaper.



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  1. Tuvalu news online, this is brilliant!!! fafetai lahi KMT News , Im looking forward to reading more news, the pictures are good and look very professional.

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