Tuvaluans are spreading around the globe and although we do not have statistics as to how many Tuvaluans are now living in each of the overseas countries, but we have the understanding that New Zealand has the highest number of Tuvaluans and next to New Zealand is Kiribati and then Fiji, Nauru and Australia. We have also Tuvaluans in the UK, in the United States, and in other Pacific Island Countries.

With this widespread of Tuvaluans, there is a need for these Tuvaluans to communicate with one another and especially family members in Tuvalu. Although we have the advancements in the communication technologies in the telephone, the internet and the social media, which enabled us to communicate with one another, there is still the lack of having access to news, events and activities happening in the home country. There is the lack of being informed of important issues that can create responses and opinions on matters affecting our social, economic, political and religious environments which the aim and purpose of any public media.

Yes, in Tuvalu we have only one media and that is a public media of the radio, none of the print media, especially a private newspaper, nor a private radio or a private television channel. One very important thing we see to be lacking is access to news and information that can develop our nation in the political, social, economic and religious aspects. If we have real access to news and information, as members of a society, we will be able to move forward and progress and importantly to be able to stand together and paddle together to achieve the best quality of life we have dreamed of.

In fact, this is the dream I had been dreaming about, a dream to unify all Tuvaluans whether in the diaspora or in Tuvalu in terms of having equal access to the same information or news. There is the need to provide all Tuvaluans with facts on information, on the news that I intend to include in a newspaper that will of course be read by Tuvaluans who love and cherish their beloved home. With these facts, Tuvaluans will be able to have a clear picture of life at home, of the challenges being faced by people at home and thus respond.

KMT News is created and developed to furnish Tuvaluans with information of facts of what is really happening in Tuvalu. With these facts, Tuvaluans especially in the diaspora, may have the sentiments,  the feeling and the heart that Nehemiah had in the Bible which encouraged him to respond in action to the crisis in his home country, Jerusalem. Wherever a Tuvaluan live, you are a Tuvaluan until you depart from this earth.

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi, the Manager and Publisher of KMT News)

I am a church minister of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu, the mainline Christian Church in Tuvalu having a membership of over ninety percent of the country’s 10,000 total population. I have served the church in various positions as well as General Secretary for two terms of 4 years per term and I have been part of some international religious committees, having served in the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Board of Trustees in the Council for World Mission (CWM).


Dr. Kitiona Tausi

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