Nanumaga Community performing for the Kiribati’s delegation who came to discuss a new air link. Kau fatele a te fenua ko Nanumaga o talimaaloo te malaga mi I Kiribati e uiga mo se alaga-vakalele


Second issue

The Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga was invited by the President of the Republic of Nauru to attend the celebration of his country’s 50th Independence Anniversary. Hon Sopoaga was accompanied to this invitation by his wife, Salilo Sopoaga, Protocol Officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labor, Mrs Asogali T. Panapa and Security Officer, Sgt. Penivao Penete. The two leaders (Hon Enele S. Sopoaga and Hon Baron Waqa) were also able to discuss other issues of mutual interests relating to development aspects.

naruTuvalu’s Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga and the President of the Republic of Nauru, Hon Baron Waqa in Nauru holding hands. Photo by Sgt. Penivao Penete

The President of Nauru on behalf of his government acknowledged with gratitude the contributions Tuvalu had made to his country in the past years during the phosphate mining period (1960s – 1990s) when Tuvaluans were recruited as laborers with the Nauru Phosphate Corporation(NPC). The Nauru people greatly honor the contributions of the Tuvalu people to Nauru who have served in Nauru.

The President of Nauru also pledged his support for Tuvalu in whatever means his government can provide. An example of these is his government’s willingness to provide Tuvalu’s requirement for big rocks that have been cut from the phosphate mines during the mining period. He told Hon Sopoaga that the stones were in fact cut by strong Tuvaluans laborers who were under the employment of the NPC in those years when phosphate was being mined.

According to Tuvalu’s Prime Minister, these rocks are to be used for coastal protection especially of the new reclaimed land on Funafuti, the Queen Elizabeth the II Park.

naru1A digger loading the rocks into a truck at the Queen Elizabeth II Park, Funafuti
Masini keli e fakauta i fatu ki luga i te tulakita i te Queen Elizabeth II Park

Tuvalu Prime Minister, Hon Sopoaga also thanked the Nauru Government for the cordial relationship that had developed between the Tuvaluan laborers and their families and the people of Nauru, as from the past and also today. Hon Sopoaga also acknowledged the benefits the Tuvaluans had reaped from their labor in Nauru. He also confirmed that there is still a Tuvalu community existing in Nauru and his delegation had the opportunity to be invited by them for a Tuvalu feast and entertainment.

Hon Sopoaga also thanked the Government of Nauru for agreeing to let the dead bodies of Tuvaluans who have rested peacefully on the island remained in their graves.

Dr. Kitiona Tausi


Te Ulu o te Maaloo, Tena ‘Malu Enele Sosene Sopoaga ne ‘kamigina ne te Pelesitene o te Maaloo o Nauru ke fakatasi atu ki fakafiafiaga o te Fakamanatuga o te 50 Tausaga Tu-Tokotasi o te Maaloo o Nauru. Tena ‘Malu Enele ne olo fakatasi mo tena avaga, Salilo Sopoaga, te Ofisa Galue mai i te Minisitulii o Maloo ki Tua, Fakataukoloa, Tualisi, Enivailomene mo Leipa, Asogali T. Panapa mo te Ofisa Tausi o te Ulu o te Maaloo, te satini pulisimani, Penivao Penete.

Ne sui mai ne te Pelesitene o Nauru o fakaoko mai a te fakafetai ki te Ulu o te Maaloo, Enele S. Sopoaga ona ko tusaga ‘lei kola ne fai ne tino Tuvalu ki tena fenua i tausaga e uke ko ‘teka atu, i te taimi koi keli i ei a te one (1960-1990) kae koi ga’lue i ei a tino Tuvalu mo te Kamupane One o Nauru. A tino Nauru e fakaaloalo kae fakamaluga ne latou a tusaga a tino Tuvalu kola ne ga’lue i Nauru I aso konaa.

Ne fakailoa mai foki ne te Pelesitene o Nauru a tena ‘lago  o fesoasoani ki Tuvalu i so se mea tela e mafai ne tena maaloo o fai. Te tasi o mea mai i ei ko te talia ne tena maaloo a te manakoga o Tuvalu ke aumai a fatu ‘lasi kola ne ‘kati mai i koga keli o te one i te taimi koi keli ei a te one, kae ne faka’mafa mai ne ia me i fatu konei ko fatu foki loa kola ne ‘kati ne tino Tuvalu kae koi ga’lue i ei latou mo te Kamupane One o Nauru. I pati a te Ulu o te Maaloo o Tuvalu me i fatu konei ka fakaogaa mo puipui a te tafatai i te Queen Elizabeth II Park.

local1Mafutaga a te kaumalaga a te Ulu o te Maaloo, ‘Malu Enele Sopoaga mo fanau Tuvalu i Nauru.
Te avaga a te Ulu o te Maaloo, Salilo tena e tuu I te unumua mo tena lava lanumoana

Te Ulu o te Maaloo, Enele ne fakafetai atu foki ki te Maaloo o Nauru mo ie mafutaga mo se va ‘nofo gali tela ne atiake i te vaa o tino Tuvalu kola ne ga’lue i Nauru mo olotou kaaiga, mo tino Nauru, mai i taimi ko ‘teka ke oko ki te taimi nei. Ne fakafetai atu foki a Tena ‘Malu Enele ki te Maaloo o Nauru mo fakamanuiaga kola ne maua ne tino Tuvalu mai i galuega kola ne fai ne latou i Nauru. Ne fakamaonia mai foki ne ia me koi isi eiloa nei se fakapotopotoga a fanau Tuvalu tela e tu nei I Nauru, kae ne maua se avanoaga o te lotou kaumalaga ke ‘kamigina ne te fakapotopotoga a fanau Tuvalu i Nauru ki se ‘kaiga mo fakafiafiaga faka-Tuvalu. Ne fakafetai atu foki a te Ulu o te Maaloo Enele ki te Maaloo o Nauru mo te fakaaaloa ne latou a foitino o tino Tuvalu kola ne ‘mate kae ne tanu i Nauru ke tumau eiloa o tuku i kona.

Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi


After attending to the 50th anniversary of independence celebration in Nauru, the Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga and his delegation travelled to New Zealand to pay a courtesy visit to the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Ms Jacinda Artern. Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga in a press conference on Thursday, 23 February 2018, said the purpose of the visit was to convey Tuvalu’s greetings and best wishes to Ms Artern and his new government. “We feel that Tuvalu should grab a first chance before other countries or governments to physically meet Ms Artern.

new zealand.jpgThe Honorable Prime Minister of New Zealand, Ms Jacinda Artern and Tuvalu’s Prime zminister, Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo taken by Sgt. Penivao Penete.
Te Ulu o te Maaloo o Niusila, Tena ‘Malu Jacinda Artern mot e Ulu o te Maaloo o Tuvalu, Tena ‘Malu Enele Sosene Sopoaga

 Hon Sopoaga added that the visit was his government’s initiative and all his delegation’s expenses were  met by the Tuvalu Government. The visit was a worthwhile visit, said the Prime Minister as there were other important issues government had wanted to discuss with the NZ Prime Minister.

Two other government ministers: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labour, Hon Taukelina Finikaso and Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai and Government Officers, His Excellency the Tuvalu High Commissioner to New Zealand, Paulson Panapa and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism, Environment and Labor joined in to the Prime Minister when meeting with the New Zealand delegation.


Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi


Mai i tua o tena fakatasiga ki fakafafiaga o te 50 Tausaga Tu-Tokotasi o te Maaloo o Nauru, te Ulu o te Maaloo, Tena ‘Malu Enele Sosene Sopoaga ne faima’laga atu ki Niusila o asi fakaaloalo atu ki te Ulu o te Maaloo Fou o Niusila, Tena ‘Malu Jacinda Artern. I tena fakasautalaga i tnea ofisa I te Asofa, 22 Fepuali 2018, I ana pati me I te pgai o te Malaga e fakaoko atu a alofaaga mo fakamanuiga o Tuvalu ki a Jacinda mo tena maaloo fou. “Te lagona ne ii I a matou ko te me ke maua se avanoga tomua o Tuvalu i loo nisi fenua mo maaloo ke fetaui i te foitino a Tuvalu mo Jacinda.

Ne fakaopoopo mai ne Enele me i te malaga tenei se fakatokaga eiloa a te Maaloo o Tuvalu kae ko te ‘togi o tena kaumalaga ne ‘togi katoa ne te Maaloo o Tuvalu.

E tokolua aka nisi o Minisita o te Kapineta, te Minisita o Maaloo ki Tua, Tena ‘Malu Taukelina Finikaso mo te Minisita o Fesokotakiga mo Oloolomalaga, Tena ‘Malu Monise Laafai, te Komesina Maluga o Tuvalu ki Niusila, Tena ‘Malu Paulson Panapa mo te Failautusi o te Minisitulii o Maaloo ki Tua, Fakataukoloa, Tualisi, Enivailomene mo Leipa, Fakavae Taomia ne aofia i olotou faipatiga mo ofisa o te Maaloo o Niusila.

local2Fakavae Taomia i te feitu fakamaui ki mua. Mai i tua i a Fakavae ko Monise Laafai, ko te Ulu o te Maaloo, Enele Sopoaga i te mata o te taipola ki tua, i tena feitu fakamaui ko Paulson Panapa mo Taukelina Finikasoo i te fakamaui ki mua. Tea ta mai i a Penivao Penete.


Tuvalu illegal overstayers in New Zealand has been a long-standing issue and past governments have tried to find solutions to the issue but none had been successful. The current government of Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga is making another attempt to look into the issue and hopefully a solution can be found.

In his recent visit to New Zealand and in a press conference on Thursday, 22 February, he said that government is now working together with the new New Zealand Government in an effort to solve the issue. Hon Sopoaga said about 500 Tuvaluans are classed as illegal overstayers in New Zealand and they are living in hiding moving from place to place. Their children are not going to school and they don’t have bank accounts and thus do not go to the banks. They are really in desperate situations and they  need immediate help.

In his discussion with the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Artern, Hon Sopoaga requested her if her government could be sympathetic with Tuvalu overstayers who are living in fear in case they are caught and get deported instantly. Some of them have lived in New Zealand long enough to be qualified for permanent residency status. Some of their children have married there and have also given birth to children. He Humbly requested Jacinda to kindly consider offering permanent residence for them.

Hon Sopoaga confirmed that his government and the government of New Zealand will work together on this issue. First of all, they agreed to have all these overstayers submit all the required immigration papers to the proper NZ authority and they will have to look at it and make a decision. So, Hon Sopoaga is appealing to Tuvaluan illegal overstayers in New Zealand to comply with this requirement. Hon. Enele said that his government is fully committed to having this issue discussed and solved as quickly as possible and he wishes that New Zealand grant permanent residency status for them.

Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi




A tino Tuvalu kola ko se tonu mo te tulafoo a te ‘nofo o latou i Niusila se mataupu ko tai kalevalevaa  kae ko maaloo kola ko ‘teka atu nei, ne taumfai malosi o fai se fakatokaga ki ei kae e pela loa e seki manuia a olotou taumafaiga. I pati a tena ‘Malu Sopoaga me i tena maaloo tenei, ko fai foki ne ia se toe taumafaiga o toe onoono ki te mataupu tenei mo te fakamoemoega ke maua se fakatokaga ki ei.

I tena asiga fakamuli nei ki Niusila kae i tena fakasautalaga i te Asofa, 22 Fepuali, ana pati me i tena maaloo, tenei ko ga’lue fakatasi mo te Maaloo o Niusila fou i se taumafaiga ke na fakatoka a te mataupu tenei. I pati a Enele me kaati se aofaki o se 500 tino Tuvalu e fakavasega pela me ne tino ko ‘nofo ‘se i te tulafono i Niusila, kae ko latou e ‘nofo munimuni kola e tele’tele valevale fua o ‘sala ne koga mo olotou nofo i olotou kaaiga. A olotou tama’liki e se faka-a’koga kae e seai foki ne olotou akauni i pagike tela la a latou e se olo ki pagike kae e ga’lue ‘muni foki. Ko oko loa i te faka’lofa a olotou olaga kae ko oko eiloa i te manakogina ne latou se fesoasoani.


I tena sau’talaga mo te Ulu o te Maaloo o Niusila fou, Jacinda Artern, ne fakatagitagi atu a tena ‘Malu Enele ke mafai ne tena maaloo o kilo alofa aka ki te tulaga o tino Tuvalu kola ko ‘nofo mo te ma’taku i a latou ma maua kae faka’foki mai fakavave. Nisi o latou ko oti ne ‘nofo i Niusila i se leva tela ko mafai o maua a te ‘nofo tumau o latou. Nisi o olotou tama’liki ko oti ne fai a olotou kaiga kae ko fai foki a olotou fanau. Ne avatu eiloa a tena fakatagi mo te ava ki a Jacinda ke mafai o tuku atu ne Niusila a te taliaga ke ‘nofo tumau latou i Niusila.


Ne fakapa’tonu ne Enele me i tena Maaloo mo te Maaloo o Niusila ka ga’lue fakatasi ki luga i te mataupu tenei. Te mea muamua, ne talia ne latou ko tino konei kola ko taia i te tulafono me ko ‘nofo ‘see  latou i Niusila ke fakatoka katoa faka’lei a olotou pepa kola e manakogina ne te Matagaluega o Pepa Fo’lau kae ke faulu atu ki te Ofisa o te Matagaluega kae ka onoono a latou ki ei, kae fai foki se fakatokaga ki ei.


Tena la, ko akai atu ia ki tino Tuvalu katoa i Niusila kola ko taia mai i lalo i te ‘nofo see ke faka’logo kae ke fai a manakoga konei. I pati foki a Enele me i tena maaloo ko ‘saga tonu eiloa ke na sautalagina a te mataupu tenei kae ko tona fakamoemoega ke talia ne Niusila ke ‘tuki a pepa nofo tumau o latou katoa.


The Tuvalu USP foundation programme that was actually planned to be used by Motufoua Secondary School instead of Form 7 curriculum this year, now awaits Cabinet’s approval.

USP Centre Director Dr. Rosiana Lagi reports that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Dr. Tufoua Panapa has confirmed that the programme will start next year pending Cabinet’s decision.

“The teaching of the programme at Motufoua Secondary School Is part of the school’s based programme and the advantage at Motufoua is that they have full time teachers, they have the resources, students have fulltime face to face programme and relevant facilities,” said Dr. Lagi.

Apart from that Dr. Lagi said the fees will be much cheaper for parents to pay for their children which is $70 per course compared to the campus fee of $280 per course.

“Also at the campus they have part time teachers and she is the only academic fulltime teacher supporting the teaching and supervising while at the same time administering the campus,” she said.

Ask about the campus roll this year Dr. Lagi said, “We have quite a high number of 318 and I am sure there are more students coming to enroll.”

She went on to say that a lot of students are doing fulltime courses this year. Some of them are doing four courses in one semester.

Dr. Lagi also said that a research conducted at the USP found that students at the Tuvalu USP Campus have achieved better results than Tuvalu students going to Laucala Campus in Suva.

On behalf of the Tuvalu USP campus Dr. Lagi would like to thank the Government of Tuvalu for funding the students’ tuition fees, its MEDU and SELF, other sponsors and not forgetting the student’s parents.

USP.jpgDirector of the USP Tuvalu Campus, Smiling Dr Rousian Lagi. Photo by Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi
Te Pule o te Maga o te Akoga a te USP i Tuvalu nei


Ms Afasene Iosefa


A te polokalame ko te USP Foundation tela ne fai aofaga muamua loa ki ei me ka fakaaogaa i te Akoga Lasaga Lua i Motufoua i loo te kalikilamu a te Form 7 i te tausaga nei, ko faka’tali nei ki te taliaga a te Kapineta.

Te Pule o te USP Centre, Dr Rosiana Lagi ne lipooti mi ne ia me I te Failautusi Tumau o te Minisitulii Dr. Tufoua Panapa ko oti ne fakamonia ne ia me I te polokalame ka kamata i te tausaga fou kae ka faka’tali nei ki te ikuga a te Kapineta.

A te akoakoga o te polokalme i te Akoga Lasaga Lua i Motufoua se vaega o te polokalame tela e akoako i akoga kae ko te mea e ‘lei i ei i Motufoua me isi eiloa ne faiakoga kola e ga’lue tumau, e iai a kopekopega mo akoakoga, a tama’liki a‘koga e faka-a’koga eiloa ne faiakoga i aso katoa mo nisi o mea kola e manakogina.

I tafa o mea konaa, i pati a Dr Lagi a te ‘togi ka tai maamaa ki maatua ke ‘togi ne latou a olotou tamaliki tela se $70.00 i te mataupu e tasi kae se pela mo te ‘togi i te USP Centre e $280.00 i te mataupu e tasi.

“I te USP Campus i konei, e iai ne faiakoga se tumau kae ko ia fua tokotasi a te faiakoga tumau tela e akoako kae pulepule foki kae i te taimi foki tena e tausi kae fakateletele ne ia a te akoga

I tena fakafesiliga e uiga mo te aofaki o tamaliki a’koga i te tausaga nei, i pati a Dr. Lagi, “Ko lasi a te fuainumela tela se aofaki e ‘tusa mo te 318 kae ko au e talitonu me koi isi ne tamaliki koi au’mai o fakamau a olotou igoa.”

Ne faka’soko loa ana pati me e tokouke tama’liki a’koga e fai a olotou mataupu saukatoa i te tausaga nei. Nisi o latou e fai ne latou e fa mataupu i te vaituaga e tasi.

Ne fai mai foki a pati a Dr. Lagi me e isi se iloiloga tela ne fai ne te USP kae ne iloa aka i ei me i tamaliki a’koga i te USP Centre Campus.

Ko sui mai ne Dr. Lagi a te Tuvalu USP Campus o ‘moli atu a tena fakafetai ki te Maaloo o Tuvalu mot e ‘togiga ne ia a mataupu a tama’liki a’koga, te MEDU mo te SELF, mo nisi o fesoasoani kae e se puli i ei a maatua o tama’liki a’koga.


Afasene Pese kae ne ‘fuli ne Kitiona Tausi


A fire has accidently destroyed completely a double storey family home at Teavamago on Funafuti. The tragedy happened last week at about 3.00pm in the afternoon. The owner of the home, Mrs Nese Aleni occupy the ground floor while the above floor was rented to Mrs Eni G. Tumua. When the accident happened, the father of Mr George Laupane, the husband of the tenant, was at home with his wife and two other grand-children.

While they were at home attending to some domestic works, the children who were also playing in the house told their grand-parent that they could smell smoke. The grand-parent did not heed the grand-children’s concern thinking that the smell must have come from other houses nearby. Then, a few minutes later, the grand-parent also smelled smoke and it got stronger and stronger and one of the grandson went and opened the door of one of the bedrooms and there was the blaze in the room. The fire immediately escaped out to the main living room and the other rooms and the grand-parents started to sound the alarm and tried to get their belongings down and out.

They could not get anything out as the fire has covered almost the entire house upstairs and they started to get down and out before the fire found its way down the ground floor. Even the family downstairs, Nese and her children were not able to save any of their personal belongings.

fire.jpgThe police officers and pedestrians looking at the burning house. Photos by Ms Minime Kitiseni and Sauiluma K. Tausi
Pulisimani mo tino sasaale onoono ki te fale ‘kaa

I had the opportunity to interview the owner of the house, Nese Aleni about the bank loan that she took to enable her build the house, she said that, her loan has been cleared, but she took another loan very recently of $10,000 to build an extension on the ground floor.

The parent of the tenant, Mr and Mrs Laupane Sulata just returned from Fiji on the last trip pf the Mv Nivaga III from Fiji, though saddened by the loss of their belongings, they were thankful to the Lord that nobody lost his or her life or injured in the accident.

Nese and her family were then resettled by the government at a government house while the family above moved to stay with her parent, Hon Kausea and Selepa Natano.

A few days later, government organized a thanksgiving service in respect of the family members’s survival from the tragic accident and also in respect of the Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai, his wife Tutasi Laafai and the Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Transport, Mr Falasese Tupau. The trio has also survived another air tragic event, when the Air Fiji’s ATR 72 on a flight from Nadi to Nausori caught fire on that same day the fire accident happened on Funafuti,

The service was attended by government dignataries including the Head of State, Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli, The Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga, His Excelleny Mark Su, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Tuvalu, the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Maatia Toafa, cabinet Ministers and MPs who were present on the island and many other people.

The service was led by the Church Minister of the Fa’kai Fou Congregation, Rev Ionatana Panapa and the guest speakers included Hon Monise Laafai, Sulata Laupane, Nese Aleni and the Prime Minister, Hon Enele S. Sopoaga. After the service, all those who attended the service were invited to attend refreshment provided by the Fa’kai Fou Congregation.

thanksgiving.jpgFront row (L-R: His Excellency, Iakoba Taeia Italeli, Hon Maatia Toafa and Excellency Mark Su attending the thanksgiving service

Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi



First issue

Today marks a very special milestone in my life being able to fulfill and realize a long-time dream that has haunted my life. At this moment of time, I would like to say hello and welcome to each and every one who can read a printed copy of this very first issue of KMT News and also those who read it from Facebook or our website. This first issue comes with the complement of the Manager/Publisher and the staff of KMT News.

KMT staffKMT News staff: Back row – Trainee Reporter, Minime Kitiseni, Manager/Publisher, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi: Front row – Trainee Reporter, Sauiluma K. Tausi, Editor, Afasene Iosefa. The photo is taken at the temporary office of KMT News

With this widespread of Tuvaluans around the globe, there is the need for them to communicate with one another and especially family members. With the advance in the communication technologies in the telephone, the internet and the social media, it has enabled us to communicate with one another, but there is still the lack of having access to news, events and activities happening in the home country. There is the lack of being informed of important issues that can create responses and opinions on matters affecting our social, economic, political and religious environments which the aim and purpose of any public media.

KMT News is created and developed to furnish Tuvaluans with information of facts of what is really happening in Tuvalu. With these facts, Tuvaluans especially in the diaspora, may have the sentiments, the feelings and the hearts to respond in action, to the crisis and challenges faced by Tuvaluans and especially at home. We have Tuvaluans living abroad and especially Tuvaluans who are on trainings and travelling, they need to hear of news from Tuvalu.

On Wednesday, 15 February 2018, KMT News came into existence and its staff as of that day (In the photo above) began and start operating KMT News. KMT staff are just beginning to learn about designing and formatting the newspaper on computer and this first issue may not be the desired quality and we hope to continue improving as we move on.

KMT News operates under KMT Corporation that has been registered and licensed to operate in Tuvalu. The corporation is owned by myself, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi and supported by my children. KMT News publishes two issues a week, one to come out on Tuesdays and the second issue to come out on Fridays. KMT News also offers photocopying services and can also include advertisements for vacant positions in any organizations, birthday and wedding anniversary celebration messages and business promotional advertisements.

The office of KMT is temporary located at Tekavatoetoe next to Laloniu Samuelu’s quest house.


Dr. Kitiona Tausi