First issue

Today marks a very special milestone in my life being able to fulfill and realize a long-time dream that has haunted my life. At this moment of time, I would like to say hello and welcome to each and every one who can read a printed copy of this very first issue of KMT News and also those who read it from Facebook or our website. This first issue comes with the complement of the Manager/Publisher and the staff of KMT News.

KMT staffKMT News staff: Back row – Trainee Reporter, Minime Kitiseni, Manager/Publisher, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi: Front row – Trainee Reporter, Sauiluma K. Tausi, Editor, Afasene Iosefa. The photo is taken at the temporary office of KMT News

With this widespread of Tuvaluans around the globe, there is the need for them to communicate with one another and especially family members. With the advance in the communication technologies in the telephone, the internet and the social media, it has enabled us to communicate with one another, but there is still the lack of having access to news, events and activities happening in the home country. There is the lack of being informed of important issues that can create responses and opinions on matters affecting our social, economic, political and religious environments which the aim and purpose of any public media.

KMT News is created and developed to furnish Tuvaluans with information of facts of what is really happening in Tuvalu. With these facts, Tuvaluans especially in the diaspora, may have the sentiments, the feelings and the hearts to respond in action, to the crisis and challenges faced by Tuvaluans and especially at home. We have Tuvaluans living abroad and especially Tuvaluans who are on trainings and travelling, they need to hear of news from Tuvalu.

On Wednesday, 15 February 2018, KMT News came into existence and its staff as of that day (In the photo above) began and start operating KMT News. KMT staff are just beginning to learn about designing and formatting the newspaper on computer and this first issue may not be the desired quality and we hope to continue improving as we move on.

KMT News operates under KMT Corporation that has been registered and licensed to operate in Tuvalu. The corporation is owned by myself, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi and supported by my children. KMT News publishes two issues a week, one to come out on Tuesdays and the second issue to come out on Fridays. KMT News also offers photocopying services and can also include advertisements for vacant positions in any organizations, birthday and wedding anniversary celebration messages and business promotional advertisements.

The office of KMT is temporary located at Tekavatoetoe next to Laloniu Samuelu’s quest house.


Dr. Kitiona Tausi

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