The Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MFED), Hon Maatia Toafa has kindly received a delegation from the Tuvalu Post Limited (TPL) to discuss issues that are pertinent to the development of the company. The Tuvalu Post Limited is a public company established by the government a few years ago and it merged the former Tuvalu Post Office and the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau.

After a resolution by the Board of Directors of TPL to meet with the Minister, the meeting was fulfilled on 05 February 2018. TPL’s delegation included the Board Chairman, Mr Kalepou Tili, Board Members: Ms Hilia Vavae and Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi and staff members, Ms Sulia Pepeuga, the General Manager and Mrs Oniki Teitala, the Accounts Officer.

The minister was together with the Acting Secretary of the ministry, Mr Niuatui Iakopo who is in fact the Director of Budget, Planning and Coordination.

MOF(L-R) At the front: Board Director, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi, Hon Minister, Maatia Toafa, TPL General Manager, Ms Sulia Pepeuga, TPL Accounts Officer, Oniki Teitala.
At the back row: Niuatui Iakopo, TPL Board Director/Chairman, Mr Kalepo Tili, TPL Board Director, Ms Hilia Vavae.

The TPL delegation wanted to raise to the minister some very important issues that may assist the development of the company. These issues include:

  1. TPL’s concept paper requesting financial assistance from government to launch a major marketing project to expand Tuvalu stamps sale, commencing from the Asian market.
  2. TPL’ outstanding membership fees in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) when it was still a government department. This fee now amounted to about AU$317,000 to date as payment ceased after 2010.
  3. The Audit Department’s outstanding rent when it rented part of the Philatelic Bureau’s building which now amounts to $84,000.
  4. The Philatelic Bureau’s loss of revenue years back when its incoming mails used to be offloaded by the airline which amounted to AU$60,000.
  5. The need for a Technical Assistant.

Minister, Hon Toafa was very positive and very kind in his response to TPL’s issues. For the outstanding fees with the UPU and the loss of revenue sustained by the offloading of mails, he requested for a paper submission to the ministry. With the Audit rent, he confirmed that the ministry has allocated the amount of $84,000 in the National Budget this year to pay off this rent and he will see that this payment is processed. For a TA, the minister explained that government has agreed for a total number of 13TAs for this year and this has been achieved. Thus, TPL may have its TA next year. In regard to the concept paper, the minister said that it is going to be discussed by the Development Coordination Committee and its result will be brought to Cabinet for a final decision

TPL’s delegation was more than satisfied with the minister’s responses.


Dr. Kitiona Tausi

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