Three Tuvalu lawyers have been admitted to the bar after they have graduated. The trio were Mr Paniani Nakala of Niutao, his wife Chrisanthy Nakala and Ms Lisepa Paeniu of Nukulaelae. The Acting Attorney General, Mrs Laigane Maina told KMT News that the three new lawyers can now practice in Tuvalu and they can stand in the Senior Magistrate and other superior courts in Tuvalu.

Mrs Maina confirmed to KMT News that about 17 Tuvalu lawyers have been admitted to the bar in Tuvalu and only one lawyer now has not been admitted and he is Mr Saaga Talu who now serves as Tuvalu’s first Ombudsman. Mrs Maina said that it is not an obligation to be admitted to the bar in Tuvalu and it is a personal choice of the person, but as a lawyer that has been admitted to the bar in Tuvalu, that lawyer can now practice in the courts in Tuvalu.

lawyers(Mr and Mrs Paniani Nakala to the left, Ms Lisepa Paeniu to the right)

Mrs Chrisanthy and Ms Lisepa Paeniu are now working in the Office of the Attorney General while Mr Nakala now serves in the Office of the People’s Lawyer.

In the official ceremony that was held for the purpose of admitting the lawyers to the bar, a few of those in attendance to witness the ceremony can be seen in the photograph below.
KMT News hereby congratulate the new lawyers and wish them luck in their service for the government and the people of Tuvalu. The admission ceremony was done by Tuvalu’s Senior Magistrate, Mr Simon Kofe.


Dr. Kitiona Tausi

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