The 2019’s Pacific Islands’ Forum of Leaders Meeting will be hosted by Tuvalu and preparations are underway by government. In the meantime, the Public Works Department has started to construct 9 bungalows on the Queen Elizabeth II Park adjacent to the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel. The work is being carried out by PWD’s workforce,

The Director of PWD, Mr Amupelosa Tehulu told KMT News that the 9 bungalows are to accommodate the 18 Pacific Leaders who will be attending the Pacific Forum. There are 3 self-contained room in each of the bungalows and two leaders couple will occupy one bungalow. In the meantime, there are 4 D-grade double story complex are under construction by 4 local contractors and are expected to be completed in March or April this year. Another 4-double story D complex and another 4-double story complex will soon be tendered for contractors

new houseTwo of the nine New bungalows under construction

One bigger project is a Convention Centre also to be built on the Queen Elizabeth II Park. The center is expected to be 40 meters in length by 20 meters in width with a water cistern underground. The concept design is being done by PWD while the architectural design has been contracted out. The contractor to build the center has been awarded to the engineering company in Fiji ‘Eristo’. Director Tehulu said the delay in the work is due to the need by the contractor to survey the soil, since the center is to be built on a reclaimed land, the soil need to surveyed to know its behavior and movement. Once this is cleared and proven to be alright, work will start immediately.


Kitiona Tausi

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