(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

Construction work on the new terminal have now completed and the Contractor, Reeves International and CCB ENVICO which is a Joint Venture, are now ready to formally handover to the Government of Tuvalu.

Tuvalu Aviation Investment Project Manager Mr Vitoli Iosefa reports that before handing over the building and for the benefit of all stakeholders, the Contractor’s Site Manager conducted an induction tour of the building to show and explain to all stakeholders the important facilities within the new terminal.

Mr Iosefa adds that a tentative programme for the official opening of the building has been prepared by a task force comprising of representatives from stakeholders and is being reviewed by Cabinet. The official opening is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 28 February

The 5.07 million Australian dollar-project was funded by the World Bank through its grant to the Government of Tuvalu.

Whilst the new terminal was under construction all airport services were temporarily being re-located to the Vaiaku Falekaupule.

3 issue airport
The new airport terminal today, Tuesday 27 February 2018. Photo by Ms Sauiluma K. TausiTe fale pasese o vakalele fou i te aso nei, Asolua po 27 Fepuali 2018.


(Afasene Iosefa)

A te galuega i te fale pasese o vakalele fou ko maaea nei,kae ko te Kamupane Fakatuu’tuu, Reeves Iternational mot e CCB ENVICO tela se galuega fai fakatasi a laua, ko oka nei laua o tuku atu ki te Maaloo o Tuvalu.

Te Menetia o te Tuvalu Aviation Investment, Vitoli Iosefa ne lipooti mai ne ia me koi tuai o tuku atu ki te Maaloo  te fale, kae mo te ‘lei o latou kola ka fakaaoga ne latou a te fale, a te Menetia o te Kamupane Fakatuutuu tela ne onoono ki te galuega ne fai sena asiasiga i te fale ko te mea ke fakaasi faka’lei ne ia ki tino kola ka fakaaoga ne latou a te fale a mea taaua i loto i te koga tenei.

Ne fakaopoopo mai ne Vitoli me ko oti ne fakatoka a te polokalame mo te ‘talaga ne se komiti galue tela e sui atu i ei a tino kola ka aogaa ki a latou a te fale tenei kae ne onoono ki ei a te Kapineta. A te ‘talaga o te fale ka fai i te aso ma taeao, Asotolu, 28 Fepuali 2018.

A te galuega tela e ‘tusa mo te AU$5.07 miliona ne ‘togi ne te Pagike o te Lalolagi e auala i sena tupe fesoasoani ki Tuvalu

Kae koi faite te fale pasese, a galuega katoa kit e faiga o pasese mo kaakoo ne fai i te Falekupule o Vaiaku.

3 issue airport2.jpgVaiaku Falekaupule i te taeao o te aso nei, Asolua, 27 Fepuali kae ko oti ei ne foki te vakalele tela ne taunu mai i te taeao loa.
Vaiaku Falekaupule at 10.00am this morning, Tuesday, 27 February 2018, after this morning flight has returned to Fiji. Photo by Kitiona Tausi.


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga in a press conference last week on 23 February 2018, confirmed that funds for the work boat harbours for Nukulaelae, Nanumaga, Niutao and Nui may be secured and construction can begin this year or next year. The Project Manager for the Outer Islands Maritime Infrastructure, Mr Vete Sakaio confirmed that the work boat harbour at Nukulaelae will start construction sometimes in April/May this year and to be financed by the Asian Development Bank at a cost of about AU$13 million.

An engineering company in Mainland China has won the contract to construct the workboat harbour on Nukulaelae in May 2018. The company is named “The China Civil Engineering Construction Company” and is in joint venture with a company in Papua New Guinea ‘The Navae Construction Company”. Mr Sakaio got the opportunity to go to Papua New Guinea to see the concrete forms that are constructed by the Navae Construction Company. The concrete forms are part of the project.

3 issue harbour.jpgLeft-Right: Ms Kaimalie Kino, the Accountant of the Project and Project Manager, Mr Vete Sakaio. Photo by Kitiona Tausi


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Project Manager for the “Outer Islands Maritime Infrastructure Workboat Harbour”, Mr Vete Sakaio confirmed to KMT News that the landing ramps on the islands of Nanumaga and Niutao will be re-constructed soon. Mr Sakaio said that the company that won the contract to construct the work boat harbour at Nukulaelae will also construct these ramps and construction works to begin sometimes in the middle of this year, 2018.

The ramps that were destroyed by Cyclone Pam I te 2015 had been very convenient in the unloading and loading of cargoes from the workboats to the shore and from the shore to the workboats. These ramps were requested by the communities of these two island to re-build and was approved by government.

Mr Sakaio said that works on these two ramps will be carried out once the employees of the company and their equipment and materials arrive in Tuvalu sometimes in May this year. The company will first deliver their machineries, equipment and materials to Nukulaelae and then it will send two teams of workers to Nanumaga and Niutao to begin works on the ramps. The works may take about 2 weeks.

3 issue harbour2.jpgThe site of the landing ramp at Nanumaga that was destroyed by Cyclone Pam in 2015.
Te tulaga o te sameni tau pooti i Nanumaga tela ne ofagina ne te Cayclone Pam i te 2015.

Sameni ‘tau pooti mo nanumaga mo niutao

(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

Te Menetia o te Galuega ki te Faitega o Uaafu mo Pooti Ga’lue, Vete Sakaio ne fakapa’tonu mai ne ia ki te KMT News me i sameni ‘tau pooti i Nanumaga mo Niutao ka toe faka’tuu i se taimi vave mai i mua nei. I pati a Sakaio me i te kamupane tela ne maua ne ia a te galuega ki te fakatuuga o te uaafu i Nukulaelae, ka toe faka’tuu foki ne ia a sameni tau pooti konei i Nanumaga mo Niutao.

Ne iloa atu pela me i sameni tau pooti kola ne fakamaseigina ne te matagi malosi ko te Cyclone Pam i te 2015 ko oko loa i te aogaa mo te fesoasoani i te taliga o kaakoo mai i tai i pooti e pela foki ki tai i pooti. A sameni tau poti konei ne fakatagi ne tino o fenua konei ke toe faka’tuu aka, kae ne talia ne te maaloo.

I pati a Vete me i galuega i te toe fakatuuga o sameni tau pooti konei ka fai mafai a tino ga’lue o te kamupane, mo olotou mea faigaluega mo olotou mea fakatu’tutu ko taunu mai ki Tuvalu i se taimi i a Mee/Iuni i te tausaga nei. Ka avatu muamua nete kamupane a olotou kopekopega ki nukulaele, mai i kona ko uga i ei a olotou kau ga’lue i kau e lua, e tasi ki Nanumaga, e tasi ki Niutao ke kamata a galuega i ei. E fakatautau pela me se lua vaiaso fua e fai i ei a galuega konei.


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

On Friday last week, the Secretary to Government, Mr Tine Leuelu hosted a dinner in honour of all the 2017 Tuvalu graduates. This function is reported to be the very first of its kind to be organized by government. Ealier on the day, all 2017 graduates attended a re-intergration programme with staff of the In-service and pre-service departments.

The evening dinner was attended by government dignitaries including the Governor-General and his wife, the Prime Minister and his wife, the Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan and the 2017 graduates.

During the function, the Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga thanked all the 2017 graduates for being able to complete successfully their programme of studies in the various universities and colleges where they studied. The Secretary to Government, Mr Leuelu also gave a very inspiring and challenging speech on that evening.

3 issue graduates.jpgSome of the 2017 graduates and quests enjoying the dinner. Photo by Kitiona Tausi

 Mr Fakatoafe Teikauea who graduated with a Master of Commerce from the University of the South Pacific represented the graduating students in responding to government speeches. In his speech, Mr Teikauea thanked the government for the opportunity they have received in the scholarships that were awarded to them. He also raised another issue for government’s attention. Mr Teikaues requested government if it could consider the cases of those graduating students who were financed under the government’s SELF Scheme knowing that these students had to repay the loan. He humbly appealed to the government if it is possible to have this loan turned into a grant. There was a big applause from the floor and government has yet to respond this this humble request.

3 issue graduates2.jpgThe live music provided by Tropicana. Photo by Kitiona Tausi
3 issue graduates3.jpgDancing at full swing. Photo by Kitiona Tausi

Below is the list of tertiary institutions, students and their programme of studies:

Student                                                Programme               Institution                                         

Siketi Teoni                         Basic Carpentary and Joinery             Youth Training Centre – Fiji

Toakale Taloka                  Basic Carpentry and Joinery               Youth Training Centre – Fiji

Kamali Malae                    Basic Organic Agriculture               Youth Training Centre – Fiji

Teupua Lutelu                   Basic Organic Agriculture             Youth Training Centre – Fiji

Vaiaoga Vaisameni          Diploma in Science                                  Waikato University – NZ

Pasepa Afele                      BComm-Business and Other Services        Waikato University – NZ

Iunipa Teatu                       Master of E-Government                           Victoria University – NZ

Faleonofia Malosi             Master of Education               University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Fakatoafe Teikauea         Master of Commerce             University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Loisi Seluka                       Master of arts Development Studies      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Tilia Tima                           Bachelor of Science Environment  University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Asau Leauma                     Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Economics                          University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Losa Tehulu                        Bachelor of Law        University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Akusita Eliuta                     Bachelor of Education, Primary Teaching      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Fagauialaatea Ikapoti     Bachelor of Commerce/Graduate Certificate

In Education, Economics and Maths            University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Lamona Faiva                     Bachelor of Arts, Literature and Linguistics      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Latiu Tekapu                      Bachelor of Education, primary Teaching        University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Leotasi Kautu                     Bachelor of Scince – Environmental Science    University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Tala Simeti                          PG Diploma in Commerce, Economics              University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Savali Fatoga                      Master in Diplomacy and International Affairs    University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Bob Setema                       Bachelor of Commerce, Ecnomics and Official

Statistics                              University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Makerita Pakai                  Bachelor of Commerce, Management and

Public Administration, Intl Business

And Marketing                    University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Paul Petueli                        Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resource

Management, Employment Relations,

Intl Business and Marketing            University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Samoafou Siona                Bachelor of Arts, Tourism Studie, Management

And Public Administration            University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Silia Sinee                            Bachelor of Business, Human Resource

And Employment Relations            University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Peniuna Kaitu                    Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

And Finance              University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Lamese Laponi                  Bachelor of Arts, Pacific Policing,

Management and PA          University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Selane Tausi                       Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting

And Economics              University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Sokotia Kulene                  Bachelor of Commerce, Human

Resource Management n Employment

Relations, Management n Public Administration  University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Valusefulu Semaia          Bachelor of Arts, Pacific Policing      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Amuia Aligi                       Bachelor of Arts, Pacific Policing, Management

And Public Admin                  University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Akata Seu                         Fondation Science                  University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Bob Tulimanu                  Diploma in Accounting (level 5)    University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Fehala Elisala                   Bachelor of Arts, Literature n Language,

Information Systems              University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Filoalofa Taulima            Diploma in Information Technology      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Laura Kofe                        Bachelor of Laws                University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Sele Kaitu                         Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting,

Management n Public Administration        University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Sinatui Teleke                  Foundation Social Science          University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Sitia Maheu                      Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Management        University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Uale Uale                          Certificate IV in Information Technology                University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Tautalo Iese                     Bachelor of Science, Biology and Earth Science      University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Fetau Tuafafa                  Bachelor Computing Science and Information

Systems                University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Pulaalofa Haulagi            Bachelor Of Commerce, International Business

and Marketing    University of the South Pacific – Fiji

Siulai Fioana Elisala        Graduate Diploma in Project Management/

Master in Project Management                                  University of  South Australia

Opeta  Sinee                    Advance Diploma Marine Engineering                       University of Auckland

Michael Aliimau              Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Technology                UNITEC

Pinau Tao                         Bachelor Science Plant Production                              Taiwan

Naomi Maheu                 Bachelor Science Biomedical                                         NE University Australia

Simon Willy                     Bachelor of Education-Primary Teaching                    National University of Samoa

Poitava Tealu                  Bachelor of Education-Primary Teaching                    National University of Samoa

Katea Tanei                     Bachelor of Educaion- Primary Teaching                     National University of Samoa

Loise Luuni                      Bachelor of Science, International Business

And Trade                                                                         Ming Chuan University

Loresio Tefau                  Bachelor of Aviation Management                              Massey University

Tavai Kaipeti                   Diploma Marine Engineering                                        Manukau Institute Technology

Fiafiaga Lusama             Bachelor of Theology                                                    Malua Theological College

Lupematagi Manoa       Bachelor Information Systems                                      Fulton College

Lumeese Teakau            Diploma in Hospitality Management                           Fiji Tourism Institute

Lupeaga Vaiui                 Bachelor of Nursing                                                        Fiji National University

Sikiliti Poulasi                  Master of Medicine/ Internal Medicine,

Ophthalmology                                                               Fiji National University

Titivalu Manuao             Master Class 3- Trade Diploma in

Nautical Science                  Fiji National University

Nikotemo Vaeanoa       Trade Diploma in Marine Engineering      Fiji National University

Selu Paulo                       Certificate IV Carpentry n Joinery            Fiji National University

Taukiei Kepasi                Certificate IV in Refridgeration and

Air Conditioning                                          Fiji National University

Puaola Kautuneita         Bachelor of Nursing                                  Fiji National University

Tanene Teo                     Bachelor of Education- Primary Teaching      Fiji National University

Logoitala Monise           Diploma in Dental Technology                          Fiji National University

Sesefita Tui                     Certificate IV- Carpentry and Joinery              Fiji National University

Teleta Fotu                      Bachelor of Nursing                                          Fiji National University

Salamalaga Filioma        Certificate IV Fabrication and Welding      Fiji National University

Luka Selu                         Bachelor Science Environment                    Fiji National University

Silafaga Lalua                  Bachelor of Communications                                    Bond University

Fakasoa Tealei                Master International Relations        Australian National University


(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

I te Asolima o te vaiaso ko teka, te Failautusi ki te Maaloo, Tine Leuelu ne fakatoka ne ia se ‘kaiga mo tamaliki a’koga Tuvalu kola ko iku manuia a olotou gtaumafaiga mai i akoga ‘maluga ki tua atu. A te faigaamea tenei e fakaasi aka pela me ko te faigaamea muamua loa ke fai ki tama’liki akoga penei. I te ao mai i mua o te afiafia o te Asolima tenei, ne isi foki se fakatasiga a tama’liki a’koga konei mo ofisa ga’lue i mea tau akoakoga ki tua atu mo tama’liki kola e seki ga’lue e pela foki mo akoakoga ki tua mo tino kola ko ga’lue i te maaloo.

Te ‘kaiga i te afiaf ten ne fakatasi atu ki ei ko ofisa ma’luga o te maaloo e aofia i ei te Kovana o te Atufenua mo ten kaaiga, te Ulu o te Maaloo mo tena kaaiga, te Sui Maluga o Taiwan ki Tuvalu mo tama’liki a’koga I ei kola ko oti ne iku manuia a olotou akoga i te 2017.

I te faigaamea tenei, a te Ulu o te Maaloo, Enele Sosene sopoaga ne avatu a tena fakafetai mo te fakamaaloo o sui atu te maaloo ki tama’liki a’koga katoa kola ko iku manuia a olotou akoakoga i te 2017 mo olotou taumafaiga i loto i akoga kese’kese. Te Failautusi ki te Maaloo, Tine Leuelu ne fai foki sena laauga fakamalosi kae fai-ki-mua mo latou kola ko iku a olotou taumagfaiga.


Fakatoafe Teikauea tela se tamaliki tokotasi ne maua a tena pep ate Master of Commerce mai i te Akoga Maluga a te Pasefik ki Saute, ne ui ne ia a tamaliki a’koga I e lauga. Ne avatu ne Fakatoafe a te fakafetai ki te maaloo mo avanoag akoga kola ne maua ne latou i avanoaga akoga kola ne tuku atu ki a latou. I tena laauga, ne fakasae aka ne ia se mataupu ke mafaufau ki ei a te maaloo. Ne fakamolemole atu a Teikauea ki te maaloo ke toe fai aka sena faiga ki tama’liki a’koga kola ne a’koga mai i lalo i te polokalame akoga kae kaitalafu a te maaloo (SELF), I te iloa atu pela me ka toe ‘togi ne tamaliki konei a tupe kola ne a‘koga ki ei latou mai i lalo o te faifaiga tenei. Ne fakatagi atu a ia i te agaga o te ava mo te loto maulalo  me e mafai ne te maaloo o toe onoono aka ki te tulaga tenei, ke mafai o ‘fuli aka a te kaitalafu tenei ki se tupe fesoasoani ki tama’liki a’koga. Ne lasi a te patipati o tino mai i lalo kae e seki iai se tali a te maaloo ki te fakatagi tena.


(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga has left the country on Saturday last week. He is to attend the second PNA Leader’s Summit to be held in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Hon. Sopoaga said that prior to this meeting which is scheduled to the 2nd of March is the Special PNA Ministerial Meeting from 26 – 28 February also to take place in Majuro. This is a preparatory meeting for the 2nd PNA Leader’s Summit.

However, the Prime Minister said the main objective of the Leader’s meeting is to develop the future pathway for the PNA.

‘We, leaders to the PNA will also look and make plans for the protection of our sea resources. There are so many foreign fishing vessels fishing in our waters and the parties to the Nauru Agreement have been concerned mainly with the management of tuna purse-seine fishing in the Western and central Pacific Ocean. So we have to preserve and manage our sea resources properly,’ he said.

“For Tuvalu, we have two main resources, one is our people and secondly is our sea. And Tuvalu is fully supporting the idea of increasing the fishing licenses for foreign fishing vessels fishing in our waters.’

Both meetings are funded by the PNA and the Forum Fisheries Agency, FFA.


(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

Te Ulu o te Maaloo, Tena ‘Malu Enele Sosene Sopoaga, ko oti ne tiakina ne ia a te atufenua o fakatsi atu ki te fonotaga a te Fakapotopotoga a Fenua Faiika i te Feagaiga i Nauru (PNA) tela ka fai i Majuro i Masela.

Tena ‘Malu Enele ne fai ana pati me mai i mua o te fonotaga tenei tela e fai ke fai i te po 02 o Mati, ko te fonotaga fakapitoa a Minisita o te PNA i te po 26-28 Fepuali 2018. Te fonotaga tenei se fonotaga fakatoka mo te 2 o Fono Lasi a te PNA.

“Tatou, takitaki o te PNA, ka onoono kae fai palani mot e puipuiga o maume o te tou tai. Ko oko loa i te uke o vaka faiika mai i tua e faiika i o’tou koga-tai, kae ko tatou kola e ‘kau i te Feagaiga i Nauru ne ‘saga fua tatou ki te pulepulega o te faiika a vaka fai tili i fenua ki te togala mo te kogaloto o te Pasefika. E ‘tau mo tatou ke tausi kae atafi a maume o te  tai,’ i pati a Enele.

Mo Tuvalu, e lua loa a maumea totino o tatou, e tasi ko o’tou tino kae ko te lua ko te tou tai. Kae ko Tuvalu e ‘lago malosi ne ia a te mafaufauga ke uku aka a ‘togi o laisene o vaka faiika mai i tua kola e faiika i loto i Tuvalu.

A fonotaga e lua kola e fakatasi ki ei a te Ulu o te Maaloo e ‘togina ne te PNA mo te Fakapotopotoga Faiika a te Pasefika.


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The island community of Nanumaga on the capital is to build a new hall (Ahiga) and its existing hall is to be demolished. The demolition works started this morning and the community gathered at 5.00pm this morning for a special service to mark the beginning of the demolition work. As Chaplain to the Nanumaga community, I conducted the service this morning and after the service, the work immediately began.

3 issue town hall.jpgYoung men started taking out the roof in the early morning
Tamataene kamata o tapale a te tuafale I kaapa I te tafataeao tenei
3 issue town hall2.jpgWomen of the community provide tea
Fafine fakatoka meainu