(Afasene Iosefa)

A very small nation but has a strong determination to compete against many bigger countries. Tuvalu has the understanding that size does not matter but the heart and the determination that makes the difference. Tuvalu sent some competitors to the Commonwealth Games held at the Gold Coast in Australia from 4 – 15 April this year.

Secretary General of TASNOC Mr. Isala Tito Isala told KMT News, that seven players from different sports federation have been selected to represent Tuvalu at the games.

In athletics, Karalo Hepoiteloto Maibuca took part in the 100 meters, and Imo Fiamalua in javelin. Both were under the leadership of Talafai Tiputa from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Karlton Melton, Brenda Chrstine Katepu and Tulimanu Jackmura Vaea, led by Okilani Tinilau, participated in the game of table tennis.

In weightlifting, will be Manuila Raobu was accompanied by Lapua Lapua while Faletiute Arktos Tiumatiu Tinapa took part in swimming. Mr Tinapa was accompanied by William Auina.

In addition to the team is the President of TANOC Mr. Iakopo Molotii and Mr. Tito Isala.

The whole team to the games was led by the Chef de Mission, Ms. Pepetua Latasi.

KMT News was also told that Semi Malaki, Asita Molotii and Telupe Iosefa attended the games as guests to Ms. Latasi, Mr. Molotii and Mr. Tito Isala.

The team left on the 27th of April.

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