5th Issue – The Funafuti dancing group performing at a function to celebrate the opening of the new airport terminal last week at the Vaiaku Falekaupule.

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
The Board of Directors of the Tuvalu Broadcasting Corporation has endorsed a proposal by the Management of the Corporation to operate a broadcast television. In discussing the issue, the directors thought it would be a good idea and a very timely initiative to coincide with the Forum of Leaders Meeting to be held on Funafuti, Tuvalu sometimes in September 2019.
The Board supported the proposal and requested the Management to submit the proposal to the Office of the Prime Minister for appropriate action.
The Chief Engineer of Radio Tuvalu, Mr Stanley Manao convinced the Board that it will not be a very complicated set up, but a very simple one which may cost between US$500.00 – US$600.00. Mr Manao confirmed to the Chairman of the Board, Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi) this morning that the proposal has been submitted and a positive response has also been received from the zoffice of the Prime Minister. Mr Manao said he received a letter from th Office of the Prime Minister saying that the proposal has been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance to secure the required funds.
The Board of Directors together with the Management hope that funds can be secured as early as possible to ensure that the corporation has ample times to make necessary preparation and especially the training of its staff for the work.

KMT 5 1
L-R; Finance Manager (Mrs Akinesi Satupa), Managing Director (Mrs Melali Taape), Board Chairman, (Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi), Chief Engineer (Ms Stanley Manao)

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