(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
The Nukufetau women on the capital met recently at their Falekaupule Talimalie II to discuss matters relating to their association.
One of the subjects they discussed was their foundation fund locally called ‘te FAKAVAE’ where every woman in the capital and main land contributes fifty dollars into the fund every month.
The fund was established under an agreed target with high hopes everyone will benefit from it.
The target has been reached and the association is now planning to continue its second target into the fund pending the final decision with their sisters from Nukufetau at their forthcoming meeting scheduled for early next month in Funafuti.
Those women from Nukufetau are expected to be here on the 31st of this month.
The association is also planning to beautify its meeting hall in preparation for the Forum Leaders’ meeting in which Tuvalu is hosting next year.
The meeting last Saturday started at 10.30 in the morning and ended up after 3 o”clock in the afternoon.

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