(Rev Dr. Kitiona Taui)
Although dogs are pet animals, but without masters they can be a nuisance to public security and can also a domestic blessing. It is a nuisance when they harm people and it can be a blessing when they are means of home security, helping families to ward off night intruders. On the capital, dogs are danger to plane landing and taking off. There have been incidences in the past when planes coming down to land and had to return to airborne because of dogs roaming in the runway.
One past government had tried to eliminate dogs but had not been successful. In the meantime the Funafuti Kaupule is making another attempt with the assistance of the government allocating some funds to the Funafuti Kaupule and also dispatching the police officers to assist in the hunt for stray dogs.
The Secretary of the Funafuti Kaupule, Rev Taualo Penivao has confirmed that up tp now, the Kaupule has slaughtered about 300 dogs and they are still continuing the hunt for stray dogs.. He said the Kaupule has offered prices of $50.00 for a female dog, $40.00 for a male dog and $30.00 for a young dog to any person turning in a dog.

KMT 5 13
Secretary Rev Taualo Penivao on the right and Iosia Apelu, a member of the community.

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