Customers queuing up to get assistance from TTC staff
(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Yesterday, Thursday 08 March 2018 was a long-waited day for mobile users in Tuvalu to actually connect their mobile phones to a new mobile service, the 4G LTE that they have been promised sometimes ago that it will have a much higher speed capacity as compared to 3G.
The Funafuti Falekaupule, Tausoa Lima was really packed with people who have been invited specially to witness the launching of the new 4G LTE Mobile Service and also people who attended to receive consultations from the staff of the Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation in line with the many services the new mobile system provides.

Attending the launching ceremony yesterday included the Governor-General, His Excellency Iakoba Italelei Taeia, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon Maatia Toafa, Cabinet Ministers, the President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu and other dignitaries.
The President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu, Rev Penitusi Taeai conducted the devotion and the blessing of the new mobile service.

KMT 6 10
EKT President, Rev Penitusi Taeia

The General Manager of the Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation, Mr Simeti Lopati in his address briefly explained about this new mobile service. He said ‘4G runs on a new technology known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and it is fully IP based or uses the internet protocol or the internet. That is why it has a much higher speed capacity as compared to 3G.

KMT 6 11
TTC General Manager, Mr Simeti Lopati addressing the guests

In line with the new service’s tariff, Mr Lopati explained “We now offer better prices and customers will
have more choices to choose from. For instance, we have night passes and even weekend passes, which are much cheaper than the normal rate”.
“The new tariff is compatible or a little better than those in Kiribati or Nauru”.
Mr Lopati also advised those who have Iphone, “I regret to say that at this stage your iphone will not work at this time. TTC is in consultation with iphone and we expect that by June, Iphone will be able to register our network and so Iphone will work.
In his address, Mr Lopati acknowledged the presence of Mr Naren Yanamadala, President and CEO of Blue Arcus Technologies Incorporation, and Mr Eugene Wase from the National Telecommunication Authority of the Marshall Islands. He also thanked Mr Carson Young who designed and helped them to improve their reception area at their min studio.
The keynote address was delivered by the Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai. Hon Laafai thanked the TTC, the Blue Arcus Technologies Incorporation and the National Telecommunication Authority of the Marshall Islands or their contribution and especially the Government of Tuvalu for its support.

KMT 6 12
Minister Monise Laafai delivering the keynote address launching the G4 LTE Mobile Network Service
KMT 6 13
Guest arising for the toast proposed by Hon Monise Laafai

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