Esthers of Nanumaga presenting a traditional gift presentation to the Nanumaga community on the capital at the site of the work

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Esthers of Nanumaga are those Nanumaga women who have been taken away by men from other islands in Tuvalu in marriage. I am sure they have not completely renounced their membership of their beautiful birthplace have decided to follow the footsteps of Queen Esther in the Bible, to help her fellow Jews to escape an evil plan to annihilate the Jews. But for these Esthers of Nanumaga they came to support their birth community, Nanumaga on the building of a new community hall on the capital.

Their gifts included foodstuff of rice and sugar and freezer goods like chicken quarter legs and smaller items, all from the shops.

issue 7 9
Today is the beginning of the third week since the start of the work and yesterday, 4 inner columns have been filled with cement and today, 4 more inner columns have been erected and ready to be filled with cement

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