Hon Namoliki Sualiki presenting the laptops to Mr Halo Tuavai

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu, the Rt. Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga presented 5 Samsung laptops for the MKH General Typing, Computer and Accounting School yesterday moning at a presentation ceremony held at the Foyer at the Government’s Main Building.
The ceremony began with a devotion facilitated by Rev Paneta Maibuca.

KMT 8 10
Rev Paneta Maibuca

In his presentation, Rt Hon Sopoaga explained that the gift was secured in response to a request by some mature students of the school during its graduation ceremony at the end of last year in which he was made chief quest. He added the 5 Samsung laptops were secured from the Fishing Company in Korea ‘Dongwon’. The Prime Minister was also very thankful to Dongwon for willing to support government. He stressed that this government was happy to present the gift to KMH for the purpose of delivering an effective service for a change.
The MKH Principal, Mr Halo Tuavai responded to the Prime Minister’s address and he acknowldged the gifts on behalf of MKH. He thanked the Prme Minister for facilitating the request for laptops by the graduating students of last year. Mr Tuavai aso briefed the ceremony guests about the struggles that had been faced by the school since its first establishment in 1996. He said that laptops are very precious gifts and he is sure that they will be used effectively by the school.

KMT 8 11
Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga
KMT 8 12
Mr Hao Tuvai, MKH Principal

The Rt Hon. Prime Minister gave the opportunity to the Leader of the Government Caucus, Hon Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Namoliki Sualiki to present the laptops to MKH Principal, Mr Halo Tuvalu.

KMT 8 14
Attending the ceremony included Cabinet Minister, MPs, government officers and MKH students

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