The new storage space at the end of the airfield

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Public Works Department has built a temporary storage facility at the southern end of the airfield for its cargo, mainly sand and gravels. The Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Public Utilities and Industries, Mrs Siemai Niko told KMT News that PWD need an extra storage facility and space has been the problem and thus, they decided to use this space at the end of the airfield.

KMT News leaned that PWD is undertaking some building projects on the capital, for example the construction of the new Government House, the Residence of the Governor General, one B Grade House, one of the Cabinet Ministers’ home, 9 bungalows at the Queen Elizabeth II Park;

While the residence of Governor General is being built, the Governor General is now occupying another Government B Grade House.

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