Tamanuku boys having a soccer game between themselves to celebrate their Day
(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

The Nukufetau Youth, Tamanuku, celebrated its foundation day last Friday 9 March at the Talimalie II Falekaupule. This year marked its 21st anniversary.

Chairman of the association Aron Moeaga told KMT News, celebrations began with a special service at 5am in the morning, which dedicated not only to members of the association but also to the parents and families of the 18 beautiful girls of Toaripi House and their matron, who lost their lives in the fire tragedy at Motufoua Secondary School on 9 March, 2000.

During the service they were in full black and breakfast as well, and even those working that day continued wearing black clothes to honor the grieving families.

The programme continued with lunch at noon, and after lunch others played indoor games while the rest went to the Tuvalu Sports Ground to cheer and support the Tamanuku B soccer team playing against Lofegai B.

In the evening they gathered again for feasting which after was the selection of its new office bearers.

According to reports, Mr. Nuausala Nuausala was elected as chairman replacing Mr. Aron Moeaga, Apelu Lupeni was re-elected as Vice chairman, while Ms. Suafale K Amosa as Vice chairpewoman replacing Ms. Fakalepa Salanoa.  Mr. Apelamo Lonesi was re-elected as Secretary, and Ms. Loise L Saega as treasurer replacing Ms. Lilian Tusitala.

Laloniu Suiane and Kitiona Salanoa were the new policemen of the association.

Celebrations of the day continued on Saturday with breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and in the evening they had a barbeque feast to officiate the new members of the association.

Speeches followed which were mainly focused on Tamanuku’s 21st anniversary, and also encouraged the new office bearers to work hard with the development of the association in the next twelve months.

Celebrations of the day ended up with a twist.

The Tamanuku boys had a soccer game between themselves to celebrate their Day

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