The Governor General’s Residence and workers are working on its underground water cistern

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The employees of the Public Works Department are working hard on some of government’s building projects which are part of government’s preparation for the upcoming important regional meetings to be held in Tuvalu.

issue 7 6
One of the ministers’ home being rebuilt and the new underground water cistern has been completed

The PWD foreman taking charge of the work here states that they have completed the water cistern and they are now concentrating on the foundation of the house.

issue 7 7
The water cistern project between the Vaiaku Vaialofa Church and the Office of the Tuvalu National Provident Fund is progressing well

One other major project is being carried out by a private construction company and working on a very big underground water cistern behind the Vaiaku Vaialofa Church building.


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