Mr Keizo Takahashi

(Ms Afaene Iosefa)
Staff of the Fisheries Department and the Funafuti Fishermen Association are very thankful to the Fisheries Adviser from the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation of Japan (OFCF), for the fishing new technologies taught to them.
According to Mr. Keizo Takahashi, he taught these people three types of new fishing technologies.
He said one is how to use the Electric Reel with rod for deep sea yellowfin fishing, the second one is the Diamond Squid fishing in deep sea which is a very new type of fishing that nobody here knows it, and the third one is the Deep Sea Hand line with super cord.
“All the materials for these fishing new technologies are already with the Fisheries Department and his company would be very happy to send more materials pending the promotion of the new fishing technologies in the country,’ he said.
Apart from these fishing new technologies, Mr. Takahashi also taught staff of the Fisheries Department on how to make smoked fish.
He also had the chance to teach the Tuvalu women during the International Women’s Day on how to make smoked fish.
When asked about his smoked fish recipe Mr. Takahashi said, “Yes, I am happy to give you KMT News my recipe free of charge.”

Here’s the Smoked Fish Recipe:
1kg cut fish, 2 cups soy sauce, 2 cups white vinegar, 2 tablespoon sugar, Small amount of black pepper
Mix them altogether and marinade for one hour. After marinade, dry them for another hour, after drying, put them inside the smoked box and smoke with coconut husk. Then they are ready to eat.

Before coming to Tuvalu, Mr. Takahashi spent almost seven years in Tarawa, Kiribati teaching smoked fish and new technologies of fishing.
He left Tuvalu on yesterday’s flight and he will be back in May this year together with an engineer also from the OFCF who’s coming to do the maintenance of the Fisheries boat, Te Manaui.

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