The Nui community presented themselves to the Nanumaga community, in the normal, cultural introductory manner of a dance

(Rec Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
I was at dawn n Monday, 19 March when the Nanumaga Community assembling at the site of its new community hall still under construction when the new community well dressed up raided the camp of the Nanumaga community for a cultural presentation of gifts designated to help the Nanumaga Community in their work. In fact the raid was not at all a war raid but a raid of love presented in the cultural form of dancing.
Fir the past four weeks, the Nanumaga community on the capital, Funafuti behgan wotk on the building of is new community hall. The old community hall has to be demolished to allow room for the new hall. In community works like this, communities that have some kinds of relationship or attachments to that community, there is always a culturaL presentation of gifts and this what happened with the Nui Community.
The Nui and the Nanumaga Islands have historical link back to the colonial times and before the Japanese conquered Tarawa during the the Second Work War. This relationship emanated from the close relationship between the nui and the Nanumaga community of laborers while working for the British Phosphate Commission on Ocean Island or Banaba. That relationship continued from then on up to now. So whenever a kind of big work like this or a big function, the two communities normally come close to each other by means of gifts presentation.

KMT 8 16
Food items presented by the Nui Community

The Nui community came dancing and joyful and they were well received by the Nanumaga community at the work site. They presented an ‘alofa’ meaning a gift and the gift consisted of imported food such as rice, biscuit, sugar, frozen chicken quarter legs, packets of tea, milk powder and other smaller items’

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