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(L-R): The 4 participating youth groups: Funafuti, Vaiaku, Fa’kai Fou and Lofeagai

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
The youths of th Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu on the capital had also something to contribute to the commemoration of this years Good Friday. There were 4 youth groups that took part in an open air display of items that correspond to the events of Good Friday. The 4 youth groups were from the EKT congregations here on the capital: Funafuti, Fa’kai Fou, Vaiaku and Lofeagai. Unfortunately, the Tekavatoetoe youths were not able to participate at this evening’s open air show.

Lofeagai youth group performing

The show was held between the Fetu Ao Lima Chapel and the Tauspa Lima Falekaupule. Surrounding the show venue were many spectators who were there to witness the youths’ performance. Tonight’ items were not only restricted to action songs but there were also skids and play portraying themes from the first Good Friday.

Vaaku youths performing
Fa’kai Fou youths in action
The Funafuti youths in action
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