(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
A group of women from the home island of Nukufetau has come to Funafuti to celebrate a great achievement in line with the development of women of Nukufetau. They arrived on the Mv Manu Folau’s trip that arrived on Funafuti yesterday morning, Thursday 29 March 2018.
The Nukufetau women on the capital were in filled with joy yesterday morning when welcomed their sisters from the island at the Talimalie II Falekaupule. The group from Nukufetau was led by its president Mrs. Tagilima Ionatana.
On arrival, the group was met at the wharf by the Vice President of the Nukufetau women association on the capital Mrs. Mavaega Letasi and escorted them to the Talimalie meeting hall.

The women’s touring group from Nukufeat were welcomed by Nukufetau women on the capital at the Talimalie II Falekaupule.

While having their breakfast, the group was entertained by their sisters here in the capital with various Nukufetau island songs.
KMT News was told that the group came to meet with the Nukufetau women on the capital on the review of their Foundation Fund that was reported to have exceeded its target of one hundred thousand dollars.
President of the Foundation Fund Committee, Mrs. Salilo Enele said, because the arrival of the group coincides with the Holy Week, it has been agreed for all their programs to be postponed to Monday next week.

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Mrs Salilo E. Sopoaga, the President of the Nukufetau Foundation Fund

She said both groups will sit all day Monday to review the Fund, and also look into the survey that was carried out on who are willing to join the second target of the Fund, those who would like to withdraw their shares, and those wishing to continue contributing into the Fund on behalf of their deceased family members.
Those planning to withdraw their shares, Mrs. Enele said “will get theirs but are unable to join the second part of the Fund.”
The Fund was established with high hopes that every woman will benefit from it.
Other Committee members of the Fund are the Vice President, Valisi Alimau, the Secretary Vaovai Elisala, and Treasurer Siemai Niko Apinelu.
The group from the island will be here for a week and is expected to return on 10 April, 2018.
In addition, the women from Nukufetau presented an ‘alofa’ of local food to their sisters here in the afternoon which included bags of salted fish, germinating nuts, pulaka, buckets of toddy syrup and coconuts.
In return, Pulafagu Sepulona stood on behalf of the Nukufetau women here on the capital to convey their big thank you to the group for the wonderful gift they have received from them, and also wished everyone a very enjoyable Holy Week.

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