Tuvalu’s final preparation for the Polynesian Leaders’ Group Summit is on course and in this morning, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development made a last go at planting lily plants on some parts of the road at Tekavatoetoe.

june 11

Ministry of Finance staff planting the side of the road with lilies

june 12

Some of the staff of the Ministry of Finance at work on the road, and were really enjoying themselves

The Public Works Department, however, worked this week in creating a public park at the end of the southern end of the airfield and to the lagoon side. This site used to be a desalinator plant installation but has been removed to make room for a mini public park.

june 13

Last week

june 14


There were also improvements to the road to the lagoon side of the main office building and this has been completed by PWD.

june 15

The road to the Vaiaku side

june 16

The road running north to the hotel

Instead of planting lily plants on the road, one family has decided to put up a fence of painted brown coconuts.

june 17

Atabi and Puanita Ewekia’s home

june 18

Outside the Tuvalu Post Limited Office

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