(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
The President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu dedicated the 9 bungalows and Te Niu Fakamauganiu Mini Bar yesterday evening, Friday, 22 June 2018.

june 23
Te Niu Fakamauganiu Bar a few minutes after its dedication

It is normal in Tuvalu customs for any new building before commissioning to be dedicated to God and always by an EKT minister. Tuvalu is a Christian country and believes in God as the Source of Life, the Source of Blessings and Well-beings. Tuvalu’s national motto “Tuvalu for God” is a response to that belief.
That was why we had the EKT President, Rev Penitusi Taeia to dedicate and bless the buildings to ensure that they receive divine protection and also to ensure that whoever uses or occupies them can benefit from.

june 24
The Prime Minister on the left and the Governor General on the Right cutting the ribbon
june 25
The Prime Minister, Governor General and Former President of Kiribati (H.E Anote Tong)

After the dedication and the opening of the bungalows and the mini bar, quests were invited to tour the bungalows. The photos below were some of those who had the opportunity to get in into one of the two units in a bungalow. The photo on the left is the wife of the Rt. Hon Prime Minister, Salilo Sopoaga, in the centre is the Taiwan Ambassador, Marc Su and on the right were few overseas guests.
The overseas guests were very impressed with the standard of the units.

june 26june 27june 28
In his speech to open the bungalows, the Rt Hon Prime Minister, Enele S. Sopoaga thanked the Public Works Department and all its employees for the hard work. He said “the bungalows are for the purpose of providing accommodation for Polynesian leaders who are coming for the Polynesian Leaders Group Summit to be held in Funafuti next week.
Former President of Kiribati, H.E Anote Tong was also given the opportunity to make a speech and he was also very impressed with this development.
All this developments, the 9 bungalows and the mini public bar are being built on the reclaimed land to the lagoon side of the government building, the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel and the Vaiaku Church and this reclaimed land has been named ‘Queen Elizabeth II Park’.

june 29
Te Niu Fakamauganiu Mini Bar at day time
june 30
The area between the bungalows and the mini bar has been beautified with plant

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