(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
It was in the evening of Tuesday, 21 June when Tuvalu saw the ‘talanoa session’ in the Marketing Programme of the Tuvalu USP Campus.
USP Campus Director Dr. Lagi said, “this special session had the school leavers from all the island communities attended.

june 32
USP Tuvalu Centre Director, Dr Rosiana Lagi in her office

The USP Tuvalu Centre requested our students’ leaders to go to their communities and invite at least five school leavers or more to come to the session.
During this session. There were presentations on courses and programmes and their alignment with whatever their future career they intend to do. Students were able to discuss on their respective options for studies with USP staff.
Dr. Lagi said it is the USP’s responsibilities to market its program and courses to provide encouragement to Tuvaluans to educate themselves in order to have a well-educated and marketable workforce.

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