The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Enele S. Sopoaga addressing the Vaitupu and the Nanumaga communitie during the entertainment programme for the opening of the Polynesian Group Leaders Climate Change Sautalaga

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
After welcoming the participants from Polynesian countries to the Polyensian Leaders Group Climate Change Sautalaga on Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at the Kainaki II Falekaupule, the Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba
Taeia Italeli honored their arrival in Tuvalu and their participation in this ‘saulataga’ which he said could be an ‘eye opener to the vulnerabilities faced by Polynesia countries. like Tuvalu, to the impacts of climate changes.”

2 July 1
Participants to the PLG Climate Change Sautalaga

2 July 2.jpg
He also said, Coral atoll nations like our own are really at the frontline of the impacts. Our oceans and coastlines are our livelihoods and the centre of our culture.

2 July 3
Some of Polynesian leaders with the Rt Hon Prime Minister, Enele S. Sopoaga and Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Maatia Toafa

Before concluding his speech, the Governor General suggested an item for the list of recommendations from this ‘sautalaga’. He suggested ‘that this meeting could recommend that Tuvalu establish a Centre of Excellence on Coral Atoll Adaptation. Such a Centre would allow us to share our experience and create opportunities for scientists, engineers, community adaptation experts to come and study here and share their experiences.”

2 July 4
UN Executive Secretary for the UN Framework on the Climate Change Convention, Ms Patricia Espinosa

This ‘sautalaga’ will enable the secretariat of the session to draft a Polynesia Leaders Declaration on Climate Change and Oceans that has been presented to the Polynesian Leaders Group meeting on Thursday last week.

Tuvalu has also the opportunity for the attendance of two very important persons in line with the Green Climate fund, Ms Espinos and Ms Daiane MaCFadzien, the Polynesian representative from the Cook Islands at the GCF Secretariat.

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