Hon Namoliki Sualiki presenting the laptops to Mr Halo Tuavai

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu, the Rt. Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga presented 5 Samsung laptops for the MKH General Typing, Computer and Accounting School yesterday moning at a presentation ceremony held at the Foyer at the Government’s Main Building.
The ceremony began with a devotion facilitated by Rev Paneta Maibuca.

KMT 8 10
Rev Paneta Maibuca

In his presentation, Rt Hon Sopoaga explained that the gift was secured in response to a request by some mature students of the school during its graduation ceremony at the end of last year in which he was made chief quest. He added the 5 Samsung laptops were secured from the Fishing Company in Korea ‘Dongwon’. The Prime Minister was also very thankful to Dongwon for willing to support government. He stressed that this government was happy to present the gift to KMH for the purpose of delivering an effective service for a change.
The MKH Principal, Mr Halo Tuavai responded to the Prime Minister’s address and he acknowldged the gifts on behalf of MKH. He thanked the Prme Minister for facilitating the request for laptops by the graduating students of last year. Mr Tuavai aso briefed the ceremony guests about the struggles that had been faced by the school since its first establishment in 1996. He said that laptops are very precious gifts and he is sure that they will be used effectively by the school.

KMT 8 11
Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga
KMT 8 12
Mr Hao Tuvai, MKH Principal

The Rt Hon. Prime Minister gave the opportunity to the Leader of the Government Caucus, Hon Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Namoliki Sualiki to present the laptops to MKH Principal, Mr Halo Tuvalu.

KMT 8 14
Attending the ceremony included Cabinet Minister, MPs, government officers and MKH students


His Excellency Marc Su and Rt. Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga
Photo: With the complement of the Tuvalu Government Media

A cheque amounting to AU$4, 047, 920 was received on Monday (19 March 2018) morning by the Government of Tuvalu. The cheque was presented by the Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan in Tuvalu, His Excellency Marc Su. The cheque was received by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga on behalf of the Government of Tuvalu.
Before he presented the cheque, His Excellency Marc Su thanked the Government of Tuvalu for supporting Taiwan especially in international meetings and also for the very good relationship Taiwan has enjoyed since the two nations established diplomatic relationship.

The cheque was Taiwan’s assistance and contribution to Tuvalu in its development.
The Rt Hon Prime Minister Sopoaga on behalf of the Government of Tuvalu responded by thanking the Government of Taiwan through Ambassador Marc Su for its continuous support for Tuvalu.
The Republic of China (Taiwan) is the only country that has a permanent diplomatic mission in Tuvalu.


Esthers of Nanumaga presenting a traditional gift presentation to the Nanumaga community on the capital at the site of the work

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Esthers of Nanumaga are those Nanumaga women who have been taken away by men from other islands in Tuvalu in marriage. I am sure they have not completely renounced their membership of their beautiful birthplace have decided to follow the footsteps of Queen Esther in the Bible, to help her fellow Jews to escape an evil plan to annihilate the Jews. But for these Esthers of Nanumaga they came to support their birth community, Nanumaga on the building of a new community hall on the capital.

Their gifts included foodstuff of rice and sugar and freezer goods like chicken quarter legs and smaller items, all from the shops.

issue 7 9
Today is the beginning of the third week since the start of the work and yesterday, 4 inner columns have been filled with cement and today, 4 more inner columns have been erected and ready to be filled with cement


The Governor General’s Residence and workers are working on its underground water cistern

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The employees of the Public Works Department are working hard on some of government’s building projects which are part of government’s preparation for the upcoming important regional meetings to be held in Tuvalu.

issue 7 6
One of the ministers’ home being rebuilt and the new underground water cistern has been completed

The PWD foreman taking charge of the work here states that they have completed the water cistern and they are now concentrating on the foundation of the house.

issue 7 7
The water cistern project between the Vaiaku Vaialofa Church and the Office of the Tuvalu National Provident Fund is progressing well

One other major project is being carried out by a private construction company and working on a very big underground water cistern behind the Vaiaku Vaialofa Church building.



The new storage space at the end of the airfield

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Public Works Department has built a temporary storage facility at the southern end of the airfield for its cargo, mainly sand and gravels. The Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Public Utilities and Industries, Mrs Siemai Niko told KMT News that PWD need an extra storage facility and space has been the problem and thus, they decided to use this space at the end of the airfield.

KMT News leaned that PWD is undertaking some building projects on the capital, for example the construction of the new Government House, the Residence of the Governor General, one B Grade House, one of the Cabinet Ministers’ home, 9 bungalows at the Queen Elizabeth II Park;

While the residence of Governor General is being built, the Governor General is now occupying another Government B Grade House.


Tamanuku boys having a soccer game between themselves to celebrate their Day
(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

The Nukufetau Youth, Tamanuku, celebrated its foundation day last Friday 9 March at the Talimalie II Falekaupule. This year marked its 21st anniversary.

Chairman of the association Aron Moeaga told KMT News, celebrations began with a special service at 5am in the morning, which dedicated not only to members of the association but also to the parents and families of the 18 beautiful girls of Toaripi House and their matron, who lost their lives in the fire tragedy at Motufoua Secondary School on 9 March, 2000.

During the service they were in full black and breakfast as well, and even those working that day continued wearing black clothes to honor the grieving families.

The programme continued with lunch at noon, and after lunch others played indoor games while the rest went to the Tuvalu Sports Ground to cheer and support the Tamanuku B soccer team playing against Lofegai B.

In the evening they gathered again for feasting which after was the selection of its new office bearers.

According to reports, Mr. Nuausala Nuausala was elected as chairman replacing Mr. Aron Moeaga, Apelu Lupeni was re-elected as Vice chairman, while Ms. Suafale K Amosa as Vice chairpewoman replacing Ms. Fakalepa Salanoa.  Mr. Apelamo Lonesi was re-elected as Secretary, and Ms. Loise L Saega as treasurer replacing Ms. Lilian Tusitala.

Laloniu Suiane and Kitiona Salanoa were the new policemen of the association.

Celebrations of the day continued on Saturday with breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, and in the evening they had a barbeque feast to officiate the new members of the association.

Speeches followed which were mainly focused on Tamanuku’s 21st anniversary, and also encouraged the new office bearers to work hard with the development of the association in the next twelve months.

Celebrations of the day ended up with a twist.

The Tamanuku boys had a soccer game between themselves to celebrate their Day


Four gentlemen (L-R): Hon Satini Manuella (Minister of Health), Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli, Hon Maatia Toafa, (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Namoliki Sualiki (Minister of Home Affairs and Rural Development. The rest in the photo are the women who have been awarded Certificatse of Recognition for 2018 and Miss Pisi ‘Kana Festival 2018, Ms Emily Sam Panapa, at the end of the line

(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Maatia Toafa was the Chief Guest at the International Women’s Day in Tuvalu on Thursday last week. He also delivered the keynote address of the Day as in the followings:

‘With the presence of His Excellency the Governor General and Madam, I am very happy to say hello to all of you who your names have been introduced by the Master of Ceremony, and especially to all the invited guests who are with us today. Talofa everyone.”

“It’s a beautiful day to see you this morning, and a beautiful theme for the day, ‘Leave no woman behind, be bold for change.’ The International Women’s Day is a day that usually celebrates every year on March 8.”

In Tuvalu, Hon. Toafa said, the day marks government’s support on the issue of gender equality in all sector of life.”

The theme from UN Women for this year is Time is now: Rural and Urban Activists, Transforming Women’s Lives. According to Hon. Maatia Toafa, the theme depicts the importance of women on outer islands, and women on the capital, Funafuti, who are business leaders today, see from it as the progress on the issue of gender equality,

“The gender equality marks the number five goal in our SDG. The theme for the SDG number 5 is ‘Leave no women behind, be bold for change,” said Hon. Toafa.

The Gender Affairs Office celebrates the International Women’s Day by commending the contributions of the women to climate change, in times of disasters and developing plans to respond to those disasters.

issue 7 1
Women on the capital celebrating the International Women’s Day

“Women…you have very important duties in addressing such problems, to reforming and restructuring, caring for the elderlies and the sick. In our culture you are known as caretakers of our children. In a disability survey carried out in 2017, 78% of those taking care of disabled were women. Apart from that, you are still trying to equalize yourselves with men in the level of leadership both on outer islands and the whole nation as well.”

In 2015, the Minister said, the survey that was carried out by the Gender Affairs Department, after the TC Pam, saw that the majority of women did hear the announcement about the cyclone because they were staying indoors, while men were at work like fishing, gardening or working in the ‘pulaka’ pits.

Hon. Toafa went on to say that about 90% of women prepared the food and beddings, clothes before the family moved to take shelter in other houses. Men stayed back to look after the houses.

issue 7 2
Women are good in preparing food. This is the content of the table of food prepared by the women for refreshment during the celebration of the International Women’s Day

“Your duty to provide and manage the food is very important in times of disasters.

Your skills and knowledge as leaders within your families, in planning and preparedness during disasters and of course the dispute or complaints, will assist with the protection and encouraging of women and young girls to see and realize the needs of the disabled.”

Apart from that, the Minister said, women in leadership is not significant. As we all know there is only one female representative in Parliament and about 6% of women is represented in the Kaupule. So it is still difficult for you women to involve in leadership. You are encouraged to involve yourselves in decision making and for you to know how to limit the discrimination within our society.

“Today is your day with the young girls of Tuvalu, to enjoy and celebrate your free lbour to your families and your associations.

Today, Hon. Toafa said, also marks and encouraged the whole nation, sisters, young girls and any woman to follow and trust what they can do with their talents so they can win any of what they are hoping for.”

“Be bold for a change, is the theme for this year, so I encourage you women and the young girls as well to make yourselves as tools to build up a change for the benefit of Tuvalu in the future.

Have a wonderful and enjoyable celebrations of your day here in Tuvalu and throughout the world as well.”


Customers queuing up to get assistance from TTC staff
(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Yesterday, Thursday 08 March 2018 was a long-waited day for mobile users in Tuvalu to actually connect their mobile phones to a new mobile service, the 4G LTE that they have been promised sometimes ago that it will have a much higher speed capacity as compared to 3G.
The Funafuti Falekaupule, Tausoa Lima was really packed with people who have been invited specially to witness the launching of the new 4G LTE Mobile Service and also people who attended to receive consultations from the staff of the Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation in line with the many services the new mobile system provides.

Attending the launching ceremony yesterday included the Governor-General, His Excellency Iakoba Italelei Taeia, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon Maatia Toafa, Cabinet Ministers, the President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu and other dignitaries.
The President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu, Rev Penitusi Taeai conducted the devotion and the blessing of the new mobile service.

KMT 6 10
EKT President, Rev Penitusi Taeia

The General Manager of the Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation, Mr Simeti Lopati in his address briefly explained about this new mobile service. He said ‘4G runs on a new technology known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and it is fully IP based or uses the internet protocol or the internet. That is why it has a much higher speed capacity as compared to 3G.

KMT 6 11
TTC General Manager, Mr Simeti Lopati addressing the guests

In line with the new service’s tariff, Mr Lopati explained “We now offer better prices and customers will
have more choices to choose from. For instance, we have night passes and even weekend passes, which are much cheaper than the normal rate”.
“The new tariff is compatible or a little better than those in Kiribati or Nauru”.
Mr Lopati also advised those who have Iphone, “I regret to say that at this stage your iphone will not work at this time. TTC is in consultation with iphone and we expect that by June, Iphone will be able to register our network and so Iphone will work.
In his address, Mr Lopati acknowledged the presence of Mr Naren Yanamadala, President and CEO of Blue Arcus Technologies Incorporation, and Mr Eugene Wase from the National Telecommunication Authority of the Marshall Islands. He also thanked Mr Carson Young who designed and helped them to improve their reception area at their min studio.
The keynote address was delivered by the Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai. Hon Laafai thanked the TTC, the Blue Arcus Technologies Incorporation and the National Telecommunication Authority of the Marshall Islands or their contribution and especially the Government of Tuvalu for its support.

KMT 6 12
Minister Monise Laafai delivering the keynote address launching the G4 LTE Mobile Network Service
KMT 6 13
Guest arising for the toast proposed by Hon Monise Laafai


The Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sopoaga in his office a few weeks ago
(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
The Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga has been appointed as a Member of the Queen’s Privy Council. This news was released today for public information by the Office of the Governor General and the official appointment was conveyed by Buckingham Palace on 05 March 2018.
The Prime Minister will now be addressed as the Rt. Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga.
The Hon Prime Minister is travelling at the moment and he is expected to return to Tuvalu on Thursday this week.


Women on the capital, Funafuti commemorate International Women’s Day at the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel, Photo by Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi

(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
The International Women’s Day was commemorated around the globe yesterday 8 March, 2018. The theme for this year is a strong directive for all women on the globe, leave no Women Behind, Be Bold For Change’.
In Tuvalu, celebrations of the day at nine o’clock in the morning at the Funafuti Lagoon Hotel with a welcome and introductory remarks from the Master of Ceremony Ms. Luifou Kokea.
A word of prayer was then followed by Rev Tepahalakai Koloto from the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (EKT).
After the prayer, the Acting Prime Minister, Hon Maatia Toafa delivered the speech to mark the International Women’s Day. The speech will be covered in the next issue of KMT News.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Hon Maatia Toafa delivering the keynote address of the Day

Followed after was the Tuvalu Women of the Year Awards presented by the First Lady and patron of the Tuvalu National Council of Women, Madame Koling Italeli Taeia.
The awardees include Miliama Sualo and Makelina Iafeta from Nanumea; Mee Otinielu Tausi and Tiatia Finau Maea from Nanumaga; Eleni Tavau and Saupule Kailasi from Niutao; Poliala Tevesi and Togamamao Malaga from Nui; from Vaitupu were Lavania Teuso and Vaisamoa Papa; from Nukufetau were Vaetiti Peni Fiti and Auiluma Levi; Vailima Natano and Kuluse Polau from Funafuti; and Olataga Lopati and Esi Elekana from Nukulaelae.

KMT 6 2
Some of the women awardees who were present at the function

The opportunity was also given to one of the awardees to deliver a speech in which Vaisamoa Papa stood on their behalf.

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KMT 6 3
Mrs Vaisamoa Papa speaking on behalf of the women awardees

Both speeches focused basically on the theme of the day, thus encouraging every woman to work hard and make a change in their working environment.
“We women, we are the vine-yard, and I pledge you to maintain this vine-yard that gives
wisdom to the families, islands, the country and the church,” said Ms. Papa
Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mrs Nese Ituaso Conway then
rounded up the speeches.

The Vaiaku Congregation of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu appeals for kind
Donations to assist the building of its new church building
to assist the building of its new church building

KMT 6 4
Mrs Dr. Nese Conway addressing the women

Ms. Conway thanked the government of the day for supporting the Gender Affairs Department, and called upon every woman to work together for the benefit of all women, the nation, and the children of tomorrow.
Light refreshment and entertainment followed.
Workshops organized by the TuFHA, Health Department, Fisheries and the Tuvalu Red Cross
followed after, in which everyone enjoyed the fun.
The function was attended by the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Iakoba Taeia Italeli and First Lady Madam Koling Italeli, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Maatia Toafa and wife Pulafagu Toafa, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassador of ROC, His Excellency Mark Su, MPs, the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission Dr. Alesana Kleis Seluka and other dignitaries.

KMT 6 5
Women enjoying the programme of the Day
KMT 6 6
ROC Ambassador, Marc Su joining the fun and demonstrating Taikwando