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The Nui community presented themselves to the Nanumaga community, in the normal, cultural introductory manner of a dance

(Rec Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
I was at dawn n Monday, 19 March when the Nanumaga Community assembling at the site of its new community hall still under construction when the new community well dressed up raided the camp of the Nanumaga community for a cultural presentation of gifts designated to help the Nanumaga Community in their work. In fact the raid was not at all a war raid but a raid of love presented in the cultural form of dancing.
Fir the past four weeks, the Nanumaga community on the capital, Funafuti behgan wotk on the building of is new community hall. The old community hall has to be demolished to allow room for the new hall. In community works like this, communities that have some kinds of relationship or attachments to that community, there is always a culturaL presentation of gifts and this what happened with the Nui Community.
The Nui and the Nanumaga Islands have historical link back to the colonial times and before the Japanese conquered Tarawa during the the Second Work War. This relationship emanated from the close relationship between the nui and the Nanumaga community of laborers while working for the British Phosphate Commission on Ocean Island or Banaba. That relationship continued from then on up to now. So whenever a kind of big work like this or a big function, the two communities normally come close to each other by means of gifts presentation.

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Food items presented by the Nui Community

The Nui community came dancing and joyful and they were well received by the Nanumaga community at the work site. They presented an ‘alofa’ meaning a gift and the gift consisted of imported food such as rice, biscuit, sugar, frozen chicken quarter legs, packets of tea, milk powder and other smaller items’


Esthers of Nanumaga presenting a traditional gift presentation to the Nanumaga community on the capital at the site of the work

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Esthers of Nanumaga are those Nanumaga women who have been taken away by men from other islands in Tuvalu in marriage. I am sure they have not completely renounced their membership of their beautiful birthplace have decided to follow the footsteps of Queen Esther in the Bible, to help her fellow Jews to escape an evil plan to annihilate the Jews. But for these Esthers of Nanumaga they came to support their birth community, Nanumaga on the building of a new community hall on the capital.

Their gifts included foodstuff of rice and sugar and freezer goods like chicken quarter legs and smaller items, all from the shops.

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Today is the beginning of the third week since the start of the work and yesterday, 4 inner columns have been filled with cement and today, 4 more inner columns have been erected and ready to be filled with cement


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Taui)
Although dogs are pet animals, but without masters they can be a nuisance to public security and can also a domestic blessing. It is a nuisance when they harm people and it can be a blessing when they are means of home security, helping families to ward off night intruders. On the capital, dogs are danger to plane landing and taking off. There have been incidences in the past when planes coming down to land and had to return to airborne because of dogs roaming in the runway.
One past government had tried to eliminate dogs but had not been successful. In the meantime the Funafuti Kaupule is making another attempt with the assistance of the government allocating some funds to the Funafuti Kaupule and also dispatching the police officers to assist in the hunt for stray dogs.
The Secretary of the Funafuti Kaupule, Rev Taualo Penivao has confirmed that up tp now, the Kaupule has slaughtered about 300 dogs and they are still continuing the hunt for stray dogs.. He said the Kaupule has offered prices of $50.00 for a female dog, $40.00 for a male dog and $30.00 for a young dog to any person turning in a dog.

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Secretary Rev Taualo Penivao on the right and Iosia Apelu, a member of the community.


Faihouloto II before it was demolished

(Rev. Dr Kitiona Tausi)

The Nanumaga community on Funafuti flashed back their memories thirty two years back when they got together on Tuesday morning, 27 February at the hall to say farewell to it before it has to be demolished that same morning. It was 5.00am in the morning when members of the community gathered for a special morning devotion for that occasion.

It may not be a sad moment for some of the communities but it was for some, especially those who were involved in the work of the Faihouloto II Community Hall in 1985-1986. The building as it stood before demolition still had a very strong concrete structure, but it had to be demolished because it can no longer accommodate the current members of the community, which in fact had doubled.

Tuvalu 4 16

After the first day of work

Tuvalu 4 17

After the second day of work

The carpenter of the work, Mr. Tapa Sione said that the work could take 3-4 months and it could be earlier than that. This all depends on the efforts and the time commitment of the young men and young girls of Nanumaga.


(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

The Project Manager for the “Outer Islands Maritime Infrastructure Workboat Harbour”, Mr Vete Sakaio confirmed to KMT News that the landing ramps on the islands of Nanumaga and Niutao will be re-constructed soon. Mr Sakaio said that the company that won the contract to construct the work boat harbour at Nukulaelae will also construct these ramps and construction works to begin sometimes in the middle of this year, 2018.

The ramps that were destroyed by Cyclone Pam I te 2015 had been very convenient in the unloading and loading of cargoes from the workboats to the shore and from the shore to the workboats. These ramps were requested by the communities of these two island to re-build and was approved by government.

Mr Sakaio said that works on these two ramps will be carried out once the employees of the company and their equipment and materials arrive in Tuvalu sometimes in May this year. The company will first deliver their machineries, equipment and materials to Nukulaelae and then it will send two teams of workers to Nanumaga and Niutao to begin works on the ramps. The works may take about 2 weeks.

3 issue harbour2.jpgThe site of the landing ramp at Nanumaga that was destroyed by Cyclone Pam in 2015.
Te tulaga o te sameni tau pooti i Nanumaga tela ne ofagina ne te Cayclone Pam i te 2015.


A fire has accidently destroyed completely a double storey family home at Teavamago on Funafuti. The tragedy happened last week at about 3.00pm in the afternoon. The owner of the home, Mrs Nese Aleni occupy the ground floor while the above floor was rented to Mrs Eni G. Tumua. When the accident happened, the father of Mr George Laupane, the husband of the tenant, was at home with his wife and two other grand-children.

While they were at home attending to some domestic works, the children who were also playing in the house told their grand-parent that they could smell smoke. The grand-parent did not heed the grand-children’s concern thinking that the smell must have come from other houses nearby. Then, a few minutes later, the grand-parent also smelled smoke and it got stronger and stronger and one of the grandson went and opened the door of one of the bedrooms and there was the blaze in the room. The fire immediately escaped out to the main living room and the other rooms and the grand-parents started to sound the alarm and tried to get their belongings down and out.

They could not get anything out as the fire has covered almost the entire house upstairs and they started to get down and out before the fire found its way down the ground floor. Even the family downstairs, Nese and her children were not able to save any of their personal belongings.

fire.jpgThe police officers and pedestrians looking at the burning house. Photos by Ms Minime Kitiseni and Sauiluma K. Tausi
Pulisimani mo tino sasaale onoono ki te fale ‘kaa

I had the opportunity to interview the owner of the house, Nese Aleni about the bank loan that she took to enable her build the house, she said that, her loan has been cleared, but she took another loan very recently of $10,000 to build an extension on the ground floor.

The parent of the tenant, Mr and Mrs Laupane Sulata just returned from Fiji on the last trip pf the Mv Nivaga III from Fiji, though saddened by the loss of their belongings, they were thankful to the Lord that nobody lost his or her life or injured in the accident.

Nese and her family were then resettled by the government at a government house while the family above moved to stay with her parent, Hon Kausea and Selepa Natano.

A few days later, government organized a thanksgiving service in respect of the family members’s survival from the tragic accident and also in respect of the Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai, his wife Tutasi Laafai and the Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Transport, Mr Falasese Tupau. The trio has also survived another air tragic event, when the Air Fiji’s ATR 72 on a flight from Nadi to Nausori caught fire on that same day the fire accident happened on Funafuti,

The service was attended by government dignataries including the Head of State, Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli, The Prime Minister, Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga, His Excelleny Mark Su, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Tuvalu, the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Maatia Toafa, cabinet Ministers and MPs who were present on the island and many other people.

The service was led by the Church Minister of the Fa’kai Fou Congregation, Rev Ionatana Panapa and the guest speakers included Hon Monise Laafai, Sulata Laupane, Nese Aleni and the Prime Minister, Hon Enele S. Sopoaga. After the service, all those who attended the service were invited to attend refreshment provided by the Fa’kai Fou Congregation.

thanksgiving.jpgFront row (L-R: His Excellency, Iakoba Taeia Italeli, Hon Maatia Toafa and Excellency Mark Su attending the thanksgiving service

Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi