(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
It was in the evening of Tuesday, 21 June when Tuvalu saw the ‘talanoa session’ in the Marketing Programme of the Tuvalu USP Campus.
USP Campus Director Dr. Lagi said, “this special session had the school leavers from all the island communities attended.

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USP Tuvalu Centre Director, Dr Rosiana Lagi in her office

The USP Tuvalu Centre requested our students’ leaders to go to their communities and invite at least five school leavers or more to come to the session.
During this session. There were presentations on courses and programmes and their alignment with whatever their future career they intend to do. Students were able to discuss on their respective options for studies with USP staff.
Dr. Lagi said it is the USP’s responsibilities to market its program and courses to provide encouragement to Tuvaluans to educate themselves in order to have a well-educated and marketable workforce.


The Tuvalu USP foundation programme that was actually planned to be used by Motufoua Secondary School instead of Form 7 curriculum this year, now awaits Cabinet’s approval.

USP Centre Director Dr. Rosiana Lagi reports that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Dr. Tufoua Panapa has confirmed that the programme will start next year pending Cabinet’s decision.

“The teaching of the programme at Motufoua Secondary School Is part of the school’s based programme and the advantage at Motufoua is that they have full time teachers, they have the resources, students have fulltime face to face programme and relevant facilities,” said Dr. Lagi.

Apart from that Dr. Lagi said the fees will be much cheaper for parents to pay for their children which is $70 per course compared to the campus fee of $280 per course.

“Also at the campus they have part time teachers and she is the only academic fulltime teacher supporting the teaching and supervising while at the same time administering the campus,” she said.

Ask about the campus roll this year Dr. Lagi said, “We have quite a high number of 318 and I am sure there are more students coming to enroll.”

She went on to say that a lot of students are doing fulltime courses this year. Some of them are doing four courses in one semester.

Dr. Lagi also said that a research conducted at the USP found that students at the Tuvalu USP Campus have achieved better results than Tuvalu students going to Laucala Campus in Suva.

On behalf of the Tuvalu USP campus Dr. Lagi would like to thank the Government of Tuvalu for funding the students’ tuition fees, its MEDU and SELF, other sponsors and not forgetting the student’s parents.

USP.jpgDirector of the USP Tuvalu Campus, Smiling Dr Rousian Lagi. Photo by Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi
Te Pule o te Maga o te Akoga a te USP i Tuvalu nei


Ms Afasene Iosefa