Faihouloto II before it was demolished

(Rev. Dr Kitiona Tausi)

The Nanumaga community on Funafuti flashed back their memories thirty two years back when they got together on Tuesday morning, 27 February at the hall to say farewell to it before it has to be demolished that same morning. It was 5.00am in the morning when members of the community gathered for a special morning devotion for that occasion.

It may not be a sad moment for some of the communities but it was for some, especially those who were involved in the work of the Faihouloto II Community Hall in 1985-1986. The building as it stood before demolition still had a very strong concrete structure, but it had to be demolished because it can no longer accommodate the current members of the community, which in fact had doubled.

Tuvalu 4 16

After the first day of work

Tuvalu 4 17

After the second day of work

The carpenter of the work, Mr. Tapa Sione said that the work could take 3-4 months and it could be earlier than that. This all depends on the efforts and the time commitment of the young men and young girls of Nanumaga.


(Afasene Iosefa)

A very small nation but has a strong determination to compete against many bigger countries. Tuvalu has the understanding that size does not matter but the heart and the determination that makes the difference. Tuvalu sent some competitors to the Commonwealth Games held at the Gold Coast in Australia from 4 – 15 April this year.

Secretary General of TASNOC Mr. Isala Tito Isala told KMT News, that seven players from different sports federation have been selected to represent Tuvalu at the games.

In athletics, Karalo Hepoiteloto Maibuca took part in the 100 meters, and Imo Fiamalua in javelin. Both were under the leadership of Talafai Tiputa from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Karlton Melton, Brenda Chrstine Katepu and Tulimanu Jackmura Vaea, led by Okilani Tinilau, participated in the game of table tennis.

In weightlifting, will be Manuila Raobu was accompanied by Lapua Lapua while Faletiute Arktos Tiumatiu Tinapa took part in swimming. Mr Tinapa was accompanied by William Auina.

In addition to the team is the President of TANOC Mr. Iakopo Molotii and Mr. Tito Isala.

The whole team to the games was led by the Chef de Mission, Ms. Pepetua Latasi.

KMT News was also told that Semi Malaki, Asita Molotii and Telupe Iosefa attended the games as guests to Ms. Latasi, Mr. Molotii and Mr. Tito Isala.

The team left on the 27th of April.


Issue 04/2018
(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

Tuvalu 4 0

Dancing girls of the Nukulaelae dancing group performing at the Vaiaku Falekupule in a function to celebrate the opening of the new airport terminal

The Minister of Communications and Transport Hon. Monise Laafai, officially opened the Funafuti International Airport’s new terminal on Wednesday morning, 28 February at the Vaiaku Falekaupule. The function in fact began with a special service to dedicate the building which was conducted by Rev Penitusi Taeia, the President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvau.

Attending the ceremony were government dignitaries, representative from public corporations, non-government organizations, religious bodies and island communities. The Head of State, Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli and spouse, government ministers and spouses, the wife of the Speaker to Parliament, Mee O. Tausi, MPs and their wives.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Laafai said: ‘I am truly honored and privileged to stand here as a representative of the Tuvalu Government, to deliver the keynote address for the official opening of the Funafuti International Airport terminal.”

Tuvalu 4 1

President of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu, Rev Penitusi Taeia conducting the dedication service

“Before I proceed, I would like to pay my respect to the people of this land – the living and the dead, for the opportunity to use this land for significant development project.”

‘Today’, the Minister said, ‘marks another milestone in the history of our aviation sector.

“In November, last year, we officially became the 192 member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In December, the same year, we witnessed the signing of the Air Service Agreement between Tuvalu and the Republic of Kiribati where we agreed to open our skies for Air Kiribati to start flying to Tuvalu.

I am pleased to announce that Air Kiribati will commence its first commercial flight on 21 March 2018, with two promotional flights preceding that, which have been scheduled to come on 14 and 17 March.”


Tuvalu 4 2

Air Kiribati’s DASH 8 Aircraft that is to fly to Tuvalu and carries 37 passengers

“Now we are here to witness the opening of our very new airport terminal. Soon we will have a new air control tower building and a better and safer airstrip which are still in progress.”

All these new developments in our aviation sector according to Hon. Laafai, were part and parcel of the Government’s commitments toward improving air service in Tuvalu.

In the aviation industry, he said, such building plays a key role in the smooth and safe movements of passengers and cargoes.


Tuvalu 4 3

Minister, Hon Monise Laafai delivering his opening speech at the Vaiaku Maneapa

“Indeed, with time is now of the essence to both air service operators and travelers, a well-designed and well-equipped terminal is critically important.”

“For those of us who have had the opportunity to travel to other destinations around the globe, we have witnessed, and sometimes marveled about, the complexity and magnitude of airport operation,”

Hon. Laafai on behalf of the people and the Government of Tuvalu extended his most gratitude to the World Bank, through Mr. Lasse Melgaard, the World Bank Representative for the South Pacific and Country Director for Tuvalu based in Suva, for the extraordinary support in funding the construction of this world standard airport terminal.

In the same vein, the Minister also extended his huge fakafetai lasi (thank you) to the Contractor Reeves International and CCB Envico (JV) through Mr. Brian Oman, the site manager, for the good work and fine workmanship.

“I know that we have had some difficulties during the construction phase due to unforeseen circumstances, but your patience and unwavering commitment has finally paid off,” said Hon. Laafai.

Mr. Lasse Melgaard, the World Bank representative also made a speech at the function. He said “This isn’t just a terminal – it is the gateway to Tuvalu for tourists, seafarers, official visitors and students, all coming and going from this central transport hub.”

“Investment in airports is crucial, not just for function, but also for form, as they are usually the first and last thing visitors see when visiting a country,”

“As we can see, the terminal’s design marries aesthetics, comfort and conformity with all the safety and security standards of a modern airport. All too often the sense of local culture is lost in new infrastructure, so it’s heartening to see elements including colorful walls and timber featuring prominently.”

He went on to say that the terminal is also an example of sustainability and resilience, with its natural ventilation system and an 800,000-liter rainwater tank for times of drought.

Mr. Melgaard also said that additional storage and handling facilities have also been incorporated to enable better response following natural disasters. The complexities of remoteness and the sheer amount of materials required for the building posed a number of challenges, and much blood, sweat and tears went into overcoming the hurdles in creating this travel hub.

In the field of aviation, he said, “I should note that Tuvalu is making headways in other areas as well. We are proud to have supported Tuvalu’s efforts in becoming the newest member in the world of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).”

He said this will provide Tuvalu a voice at international aviation dialogues, and access to ICAO’s guidance and support on aviation policy development, capacity-building, and infrastructure development planning.

Mr. Melgaard also took the opportunity to reaffirm the World Bank’s commitment to working with the Government of Tuvalu to meet development challenges head-on.

“We are partnering with you in outer island development, ICT, aviation, fisheries, energy, and policy reforms to ensure secondary school fees, reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases, strengthen the sustainability of public finances and encouraging a more robust banking sector.”

He also acknowledged the work of each and every Tuvaluan who worked with Reeves/CCB team on the building – you should feel very proud of what you’ve built here.

However, Mr. Brian Oman, the site manager stood on behalf of the project manager of the Contractor Reeves International and CCB Envico JV, to convey his specials thanks to everyone, the workers and the community for their helpful and friendly making the work went well and much easier.

After the speeches, all the invited guests moved to the new terminal to witness the unveiling of the plague by the Hon. Monise Laafai, and the cutting of the ribbon by the Governor General, His Excellency Sir Iakoba Taeia Italeli, the World Bank representative, Mr. Melgaard, and the Acting Prime Minister Hon. Namoliki S Neemia.


Tuvalu 4 5

The Minister of Communication and Transport, Hon Monise Laafai in the front and looking towards is the Governor General, his Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli and right behind him is the Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs and Rural Development Hon. Namoliki Sualiki, at the verandah of the new terminal building

Tuvalu 4 6

World Bank representative, Mr. Melgaard next to him the Governor General, His Excellency Iakoba Taeia Italeli and then Acting Prime minister Hon Namoliki Sualiki


Followed after was the handing over of the keys to Hon. Laafai by the site-manager Mr. Oman.

lounges, proper immigration, quarantine and custom clearance facilities, a sick-bay for health service, a space for duty free shop and of course a bigger VIP lounge that could cater large numbers of visiting and out-going dignitaries.
From there, all the invited guests had a tour of the building in which KMT News personnel witnessed all the basic airport facilities that include a more spacious departure and arrival

Tuvalu 4 7

The new departure lounge

Tuvalu 4 8

The terminal as seen from the airfield

The new terminal, according to Hon. Laafai, will not be used until two weeks as there are interior decorations and furnishing that need to be done before we could actually start using it.

The A$5.07 million-dollar-project was funded by the World Bank

That same evening, the Chief Guest, the Hon. Minister of Communication and Transport, Monise Laafai hosted a dinner at the Funafut Lagoon Hotel after which there were entertainments of local dancing provided by the community of Funafuti and Nukulaelae yp highlight the night.

Tuvalu 4 9.jpg

Trainees at the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute looked after the catering

Tuvalu 4 10

The Funafuti dancing group performs to the guests

Tuvalu 4 11

The Nukulaelae dancers and the intruder, his Excellency Mark Su who knows how to release the spirit from him. He has felt the excitement and the only way to curb it is to join in. Thank you, Mark promoting Tuvalu cultures.

Tuvalu 4 12

Again, the Funafuti dancing group performing

Tuvalu 4 13

Nukulaelae dancers at their last dance for the night

Tuvalu 4 14

Funafuti dancers and their last performance as well.

There were three items from each dancing group and then the night was rounded up with speeches from the host of the evening, Hon Monise Laafai and the Acting Prime Minister, Hon Namoliki Sualiki who both thanked the two communities for the wonderful performance.


The Vaiaku Vaialofa Church Congregation is appealing for donations towards the construction of its new church building. This congregation is a member of the mainline Christian Church in Tuvalu, the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu which is a member of the World Council of Churches (WCC), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), the Council for World Mission (CWM)


(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

E pela mo taku fakaaliatuga mai i luga nei me i tino Nanumaga ko silia atu mo te afa o tena fuainumela i tino ko ‘noho i te laumua, Funafuti. E iai ne mafaufauga e fai pela me i tino ko fia au’mi o noho i Funafuti on me ko oko loa i te gali o te fenua tenei. Kaati e he tonu a te mafaufauga tenei, kae ko te tonuga, a tino Nanumaga e he u’mai ki Funafuti kse ko lstou e au’mai kit e laumua. A tino Nanumaga e he fia au’mai kae ko u’mai mo pogai taaua e lua. E tahi, ona ko te halaga o ne galuega, me e heai ne avanoaga penei i Nanumaga, kae konei a avanoaga mo galuega e uke i te laumua. Ona ko te olaga o tatou i aho nei ko ola loa tatou ki tupe, ‘togi a akoga a a tamaliki, ‘togi a te iti, ‘togi a te kalasini, ‘togi a mo suka, mo kofe mo lauti, ‘togi o gatu mo lafoga tupe ki tefenua e pela hoki te ekalesia mo fakapotopotoga. Ne a nei a alaga-tpe e mafai o maua ne tatou i Nanumaga e pela hoki mo nihi fenua i tua o te laumua.

I aho ua, e iai ne tupe a kaaiga e maua mai I fanau kauvaka a latou, mai I olotou kaaiga e ga’lue i Banaba mo Nauru kae maise mai I te po. Nei a mea kona ko heai, kae ko lavea fua ne tatou a te manuia I luga I fenua I tino ga’lue I teKaupule e pela hoki loam o Kaupule, gata loa I kona, kae ko te taulahiga o tefneua, e heai loa, na fua ko te faka’na ki olotou tino ga’lue I te laumua.

Te ihi pogai, ko tino ma’tua ko puke mai n olotou fanau kola ko ga’lue i te laumua me ko heai ne tino e tauhi i a latou. E tahi o ata e tau’mata tatou ki ei ko te lomatua tenei ko Tuitui Liai, kae e he koi a ake, kae e tokouke ake hoki nihi toeina mo loma’tua e penei mo Tuitui. I te lomiga muamua tenei, ka faka’logo tatou ki tala mai i te lomatua tenei ko Tuitui e uiga mo tena olaga.

local 0 issue 18

Te maatua ko Tuitui Liai I Funafuti nei

Ka katoa te 80 tauhaga o Tuitui I te mahina o Oketopa 2018. Koi a he tamaliki a te tauavaga ko Liai mo Vaipuna. A latou e 13 te lotou taufanauga e penei: Peni, Alapati, Lepeka, Siamanono ( mate koi foliki), Matatuhi (mate koi foliki), Tuitui, Nameli, Puatalo, Siamanono, Puleisili, Setema, Mataio mo Palae. I muna a Tuitui, “e ui eiloa a matou e tokouke kae ko te motou olaga e ‘lei eiloa me ia latou e ‘lei me ia Setema e faifaiva, kae ko Mataio e fai kaleve. Ko Alapati ne to kit e akoga fanatu loa o galue I Nauru e pela hoki Puleisili ne to atu ki Bikenibeu, galue atu hoki.”

Ke oko mai kit e taimi nei, e tokofa latou konei koi ola, koi a Tuitui, ko Setema tena i Fiiti, ko Mataio tenei I Funafuti mo Pale tena I Nanumaga. Latou ne ola fia’fia te lotou taufanauga mo olotou maatua.

Ne toe tala mai ne Tuitui me i olotou maatua ko laua loa ko ma’lohi ki te lotu kae e akoako hoki latou ke ma’lohi ki lotu, I ana muna hoki, koi a e heki fia hau loa ki te laumua nei, kae ona loa ko heai he tino e tauhi i te ia, tela ne aumai ei a ia ne tena tama ko Fonomaluga mo tena avaga ko Vaesiki ke tauhi ne laua a ia. Ko tona loto loa a ia e fia noho ki i Nanumaga.

Ko Vaesiki mo tena avaga ne au’mai hoki o hala galuega i te laumua nei.


‘Malu Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi mo tena faletua, Mee O. Tausi

(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

Mo te ola o te Palamene mai i te 2015 ki te 2019, a sui filifilia o te fenua Nanumaga ki loto i te Palamene ko tena ‘malu Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi mo tena ‘malu Monise Laafai. A laua konei nr fakafai’tala ne ku e uiga loa mo la olaga tupu ake kae konei nai tala kola ne maua atu i a laua konei.

  1. ‘Malu Otinielu Tauteleimale Tausi

Ko ia ne kamata ana akoga i Nanumaga i te akoga a te lotu tela tena igoa ko Tusipa i te 1955-1956. Ne toe fakamahiki a tena akoga ki te akoga ‘palagi io me ko te akoga a te maaloo i Nanumaga tela ko te ‘Tekaviki’ kae ko Nofoala i ei a te faiakoga i kona. Ko te tauhaga 1962, ne to i ei a ia ki te Akoga Lasaga Lua a te Kolone o Kilipati mo Elise, tela ko te King George V and Ellaine Bernacchi School (KGV & EBS). Ko ia ne ‘to tahi mo Enoka Isopo, Nafiata Faaalo mo Salaneta Kalepou. Mai mua i a latou ko Kaburoro Tanielu, Siuila Kalofia mo Falesa Pitoi. Ne oti ana akoga i Bikenibeu i te Vasega 5 i te fakaotiga o tauhaga 1966.

Ko Kaburoro, Enoka, Salaneta mo Falesa ko oti ne malolo atu mai i te olaga nei. Ko latou koi ola nei ko Nafiata tena i Scotland i Peletania mo Siuila tena i Niusila.

Ne oti ana akoga i te KGV i te fakaotiga o te 1966 kae ko te po 12 Tesema, ne maua a tena avanaoga o gakue faka-pulisimani i Tarawa. Ko ia ne ulu atu kae ko oti a te 3 mahina o te koosi pulisimani tela e 6 mahina a te leva. Ko ia ne ulu atu kae ko iai i te koosi tena ko fanau Tuvalu konei, Pepeuga Vaelei (Nanumea), Vaenoa Nikotema (Nui), ko Ale ko puli a tena fakaotiga mo Tetau tela he taa Niutao, kae ko leva ne fakatea. Te aofaki katoa o latou i te koosi he 25.

Ne kamata a ia i te galuega faka-pulisimani i te otiga o te lotou akoakoga, kae ne to a ia ki he vaega fou o te Matagaluega Pulisiamani tela ne fakatuu i te taimi tena tela ko te vaega tela e galue ki luga i galuega hukhuke o mea ‘funa (counter intelligence). E tahi a tena tauhaga ne galue i ei ai, koi a loa ko toe ave ki te ihi vaegao pulisimani tela ko latou kola e hukehule ne latou a mea ‘funa kae ko te vaega tenei e he ‘tii ki togiga pulisimni tela e ‘kehe loam o pulisimani ‘tuu kola e togiga, e tolu on tauga i te vaega tenei tela ko te CID.

I te mahina o Mee 1970, ne fai ei a tena kaaiga ki a Mee Fanoga i Tarawa, kae i te  mahina o Oketopa i te tauhaga loa tena, ko ia ko fakamahiki mai ki Funafuti o fakatoka mo te asimaiga a te te Pelenise ko Prince Charles ki Funafuti.

Ne fakamatala mai ne Otinielu me tenei eiloa a te taimi muamua ko fakatahi a fenua e valu o Elise i taimi kona ki he fenua e tahi. A kaumalaga mai i fenua e taki tinofa (40) e aofai i ei 10 tama’liki a’koga mo Faifeau mo olotou kaaiga mo takitaki o fenua kola ko Pelesitene o Fonopule mo olotou kaaiga. Te Faifeau i Nanumaga i te taimi nei ko Uale mo Lita kae ko te Pelesitene o te Fonopule Nanumaga ko Namoto Falesa. Ne fai a mafutaga a fenua i te Falekaupule o Funafuti tela ko te Lotokava tela e tu nei i ei a te Tausoa Lima i te vaitaimi nei.

(Ka toe faka’hoko atu a te tala tenei i te lomiga o vaiaho fou tela ko te Ahofa po 08 Mati 2018)

  1. ‘Malu Monise Tuivaka Laafai

Tena ‘Malu Monise Tuivaka Laafai ne fanau kae ola ake, akoga hoki i Nanumaga kae ko ona matua, Tuivaka mo Faitofi ne ‘to ki Nauru tela koi a ne suke ki te KGV and EBs mai i Nauru kae ne to a ia ki te akoga tenei i Bikenibeu i te 1973. I te 1976 ne ‘vae i ei a te Kolone o Kilipati mo Elise tena ne faka’hoko mai a tena akoga ki Notufoua Secondary School i te 1976 ki te 1979.

Ne kamata a tena olaga galue i te Maatua o Fusi i Funafuti nei. Ne kamata a ia e pela me se clerk o te Galuega Suketupe, siki aka ia e pela me se Ofisa Suketupe i te 1987 kae i te 1994 ne fakasopo aka a ia mo fai te Menetia Aoao o te Maatua o Fusi ke oko ki te 2010 tela ne fakataufai a ia i te Palota Lasi ki te zfalr Palamene ki nofoga e lua mai i te Fenua ko Nanumaga. Ne manuia a tena taumafaiga i konei tela ne fai a ia mo Hui ‘Malu o te fenua ko Nanumaga tela ne ‘tu i ei a laua mo te ‘Malu o Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi.

Ko Monise ne fai a tena kaaiga ki te tamafine Vaitupu ko Tutasi Auina I te masina o Fepuali 1987..

Ne fakafesili ne au a monise me he a tonu a te pogai ne manako ei a ia ke fano a ia ki te Fale Palamene. I pati a Monise me i te ia e fia fai ana tusaga ki te atiakeg o te olaga ‘lei o tino o te fenua Nanumaga. E aofia i mea konei, ko mes tau me’kai, mea tau eletise, me tau fesokotakiga, me tau olomalaga, mea tau faiika, mea tau vai, mea tau te ola ‘lei o tino, mea tau te ola filemuu mo te saogaleemuu, mo laisi mo falaoa mo nihi me akeea tau pisinisi mo nisi mea aka katoa kola e tau atu ki te olaga manuia, filemu kae saogaleemuu o tino Nanumaga e pela hoki mo tino i fenua o Tuvalu.


A Monise he tino tokotahi i te Kapineta kae koi a ko te Minisita o Fesokotakiga mo Oloolomalaga. Ko ia ko oti ne maua ana pepa ma’luga i akoga e pela mo tena tikulii muamua mai i te USP, kae ko tena Master Degree ne fai i he Akoga Maluga i Niusila. E tokotolu a la fanau, ko Eline, he faiakoga i Akoga Lasaga Muamua, ko Ionatana tenei e akoga faka-faifeau i Kanana Fou, Amelika Samoa, mo Tuivaka tenei fatoa oti ana akoga i Motufoua.

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‘Malu te tauavaga ko Monise mo Tutasi Tuivaka Laafai


Penehuro Hauma i tena ofisa i te Akoga Lasaga Lua, Fetuvalu

(Faifeau Dr. Kitona Tausi)

A te fenua Nanumaga i Funafuti e fakatautau pela me kaati he 600+ a te fuainumela o ana tino, fakatahi mo tamaliki i lugai Funafuti nei. E pulepule a te fenua ne ofisa o te fenua kola e aofia i ei a te toeaina, tokolua toeaina, te failautuhi, te teutupe mo te pulemalae. A te toeaina ko Penehuro Hauma (tino mai i te Fale o Kalava) tela ko tai leva eiloa ne nohoaki ne ia a te tofiga takitaki tenei. Te Tokolua Toeaina ko te ko Peia Tefau (tino mai i te Fale o Mouhala), te Failautuhi ko Toomu Hauma (tino mai i te Fale o Kalava) kae ko te Teutupe ko Kataoatu Hauma (tino mai i te Fale o Kalava), te pulemalae ko Tapa Sione.

E iai a teFaiefau o te fenua tela ko au, Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi. Ko tai leva eioa ne fai au mo Faifeau o te fenua, kaati ko katoa te 20+ tauhaga.

I te fenua Nanumaga, e iai a te Fakapotopotoga a Fafine Nanumaga tela e iai hoki eiloa a ona takitaki, tela i te vaitaimi nei ko Dorothy Penivao kae ko te Tokolua Takitaki ko Taofiga Molu. Te Failautuhi ko Moanisi Nauoko kae ko Marita Tuni te Teutupe.

E iai a te Vasega te Talafai tela ko te malohiga o te fenua, tela a tena takitaki ko Bob Setema kae e iai hoki ana ofisa.

E ui eiloa a te galuega ko fai, kae ko oti ne iku i te fenua me i tena Ahoa o te Apelila tela e pakuu ki te po 15 Apelila e fai eiloa ke fakataunu i te tauhaga nei 2015. Ko oti hoki ne iku i te fonotaga a te fenua me ka fai he lafoga mo te Apelila loa a te fenua i Funafuti nei tela he $25.00 kae ko hele tahi katoa a tino katoa mai i te pepe foliki ki te toeaina io me lomatua tafahili i te matua. E heki iai nei he fakatokaga mo te polokalame o te Aho o te Apelila.

local 0 issue 12

Tapa Sione i tena koga galue i te PWD

Te tokolua toeaina, Peia Tefau koi galo nei i tua i te Malaga a te kau faipehe a Vaiaku. Te Malaga a te kau faipehe a Vaiaku ne fanau ki Niusila o fakaahi ana pehe ki ekalesia a te EKT i kona i Niusila. E fakatautau pela ke foki mai a te malagai he taimi mai i mua nei, kae ko oti ne foki mai ki Suva kae e faka’tali na ki te malaga a he vaka ke oko atu ko au’mai i ei.

Te Fakapotopotoga a Fafine Nanumaga e takitaki I ei a te matua ko Dorothy Umu, kae ko tena Tokolua ko Taofiga Molu.

local 0 issue 13

Toomu Hauma mo Iunipa S. Teatu i te USP Centre

local 0 issue 14

Kataoatu Hauma i tena ofisa i te Pagike

local 0 issue 15

Dorothy Penivao te Takitaki o te Fakapotopotog a Fafine Nanumaga


THE Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Enele Sopoaga, says the recently-released University of Auckland research pointing to an increase in his country’s land mass is flawed. Enele Sopoaga told Fijian media at a press conference in Suva this afternoon that Tuvalu was not expanding and said the University of Auckland research released by New Zealand media two days ago was flawed and risky.
Mr Sopoaga rejected the research by the university’s coastal geomorphologists, Professor Paul S. Kench, Dr Murray R. Ford and Dr Susan D. Owen, which was largely based on 40 years worth of imagery of the Tuvaluan shoreline.
PM said the expansion of Tuvaluan shoreline did not equate to habitable land for the people of the ‘sinking’ country. Entitled ‘Patterns of island change and persistence offer alternate adaptation pathways for atoll nations’, the research paper was submitted to the university in July 2017 and approved on January 9, published online on February 9. “Results highlight a net increase in land area in Tuvalu of 73.5ha (2.9 per cent), despite sea-level rise, and land area increase in eight of nine atolls,” the research abstract explains. “Results challenge perceptions of island loss, showing islands are dynamic features that will persist as sites for habitation over the next century, presenting alternate opportunities for adaptation that embrace the heterogeneity of island types and their dynamics.” PM Sopoaga said the report and the release of its findings were “rather unfortunate”.
“As the leader of the Tuvalu, about which most of the report has paid most of its focus, I find it totally unfortunate and perhaps untimely in that the news item was never allowed responding or verifying by Tuvalu authorities,” the PM said. “It was simply put for public consumption without proper verification. I strongly feel this is irresponsible reporting and irresponsible disclosure of information which should have been properly verified.” The PM said the report should have been contextualised with features of climate change effects such as saltwater intrusion. Alluding to mischievous agenda, Mr Sopoaga said neither the researchers nor the University of Auckland had sourced the partnership of Tuvaluan scientists or government and he questioned why the scientists had not brought the research to light at COP23 in Germany last November. “We should have been given the chance so that our scientists, our experts on climate change and on the movement of atoll islands be given the opportunity to at least look at the report and comment,” Mr Sopoaga said. The Tuvaluan government will respond to the report and also upload an alternative viewpoint to the Talanoa Dialogue Portal, which was set up by UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) in late January.

From Lice Movono Fiji times


(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

Mai I tua o te lua o aso talu te kamataga o te galuega ki te tukuifoga o te ahiga Faihouloto II, tenei a te tulaga ne oko ki ei a te galuega i te tafataeao o te aho tenei, Ahofa, 01 Mati 2018.


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Masini keli ko fai ana fakatokaga I te laukele

I te afiafi o te aho anafi i te tutonu ne kamata o galue ki ei a te masini keli tenei kae i te afiafi, ko iai ne pou ko oti ne tata ko ‘moe i lalo, kae i te taeao tenei, tenei te ata ko oko ki ei, ko oti katoa a pou kae ko galue o fakalaugatahi a te laukele.

Konei hoki a ihi galueg ne fai ne tamataene mo tamafine o te fenua kola ne ‘tu aka i te taeao nei i te 5.30am.Te fakatautauga a te kamuta, Tapa Sione ma kaati he 3-4 mahina e fai ei a te galuega, e mafai o vave atu kae ona la ko te tokoukega nei o tamataene mo tamafine o te fenua ko iai ne galuega a latou i te maaloo e pela hoki mo nihi fakapotopotoga. Ko latou kola koi haohao, e mafai loa ne latou o galue mot e fakatautauga i a latou kola e ga’lue ka mafai o fakatahi atu ki te galuega manafai ko oti malo’lo a galuega.

E ui i ei e he iloa ne tatou a mea’tupu me e mafai eiloa o palele a te galuega mai i mua o te 3-4 mahina.

local 0 issue 10

I te taeao o te aho nei, a tagata konei ko faka’tu he fale mo laku mai a kaakoo mai i te uaafu Te masini keli koi fai eiloa a tena tofaga i te fakavae


(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

A te mafaufauga ke fai he ahiga fou mo fanau Nanumaga i Funafti nei, he mafaufauga ko tai leva ne mafaufaugina ona eiloa ko te ahiga tenei Faihouloto II ko foliki ki te ‘noho o tino Nanumaga i Funafuti nei. Te mea taaua i so se galuega ko oti ne fuafuagina, ko tupe ke hahala mo fai a te galuega. Ko oti hoki ne kamata a fanau Nanumaga i Funafuti nei o halahala tupe mo fai a te ahiga. I te tauhaga tenei ko teka atu nei, e pela eiloa ko tai toka a mo sene mo fai a te gauega i tulaga konei: Te Kaupule i Nanumaga ka fakatupe ne ia te he $200,000 mai i ana tupe maua mai i te fesoasoani o te maaloo, e $100.00 te fesoasoani o te Maaloo Lahi kae he $50,000 te fesoasoani a fanau Nanumaga i Funafuti nei.

Ne kamata i kona a te fenua o fili he komiti galue tela koi a ka taumata ki te fakatokaga o te galuega, i tena ata kae ke fakatautau hoki a te tupe tela ka fakamaumau ki ei a te galuega. Ne fili a te fanau ko Halo Tuavai mo fai a te takitaki o te komiti, te tagata ‘lomi ata ko Tafeola O. Tausi mo lua kamuta i ei kola ne fili ke tau’mata ki te galuega, Ne toka a fakatokaga a te komiti, ko oti ne talia a te ata o te ahga mo tena fakataugha-tupe tel ne kamata hoki loa o fai a ota mo mea kola e manakogina. I te vaitaimi nei, a kaakoo katoa kola e manakogina mo te galuega ko oti katoa ne oko mai kae fakatautau pela ke tali aka

local 0 issue 2.jpgAhiga Faihouloto II i te aho mai i mua koituai o tukuifo.

mai i tai i te uaafu i te aho nei.

Tena la, ko te Aholua po 27 Fepuali 2018, ne iku i te fenua ke kamata a te galuega ki te tukuifoga o te ahiga tenei, Faihouloto II. I te taeao ‘malu tena i te itula e 5.00am,ne fai he lotu fakapitoa a fanau Nanumaga i loto loa i te ahiga, kae ne takitaki a te lotu ne te Faifeau o te fenua tela ko au, Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi.

Mai i tua o te lotu, ne kamata i ei a te galuega ki te tapalega o fale fakamalumalu i te feitu ki te faletapu o te Eakelsia i Fa’kai Fou kae tela e ‘piki ki te ahiga kae e tahi i te ihi feitu o te ahiga kae e tu fakatea mo te ahiga.

Faihoulto II ne fakaulufale i te tauhaga 1986, ko tona uig ko tai katoa aka loa a tena 32 tauhaga, tela ko tai leva eiloa. I te kamatag o faite i te fakaotiga o te 1985, ne tai lahi loa a te  galueg ne fai ki te avakaga o te fatu mai i tai loa i kona. Ko te ata o te Faihouloto II ne fakatokagina ne Otinielu Tausi kae ko te kamuta ko Taliu Taliu. Ko toeaina o te fakapotopotoga a Nanumaga i Funafuti i te vaitaimi tena, ko tokouke ko oti ne malo’lo atu kae koi ‘toe mai nei ko Vaisameni Lameko. Ko tamataene kola ne fepaki mo latou a te galuega i te vaitaimi na, ko latou nei ko liu toeina i te taimi nei, kae ko te taulahiga o tamataene konei ko fepaki mo te galuega, koi  fo’liki ki loa i aho kona.

local 0 issue 3.jpgTamataene ko ofa ki lalo a te fakamalumalu I te feitu ki te Mainaga Fou
local 0 issue 4.jpgAhiga Faihouloto II i loto i te ‘kano fale.

E fai a te galuega ne tamataene kae ko tamafine e tu’tuu atu o taumata ki faiva a tamaaene kae ko te taimi nei ki tai taeao eiloa fatoa tea te 6.00am i te vaveao. Ko toeaina hoki mo loma’tua e taka’tu’tu eiloa o fakatalitali kit e tii ke oko atu, kae ko fafine o kaaiga ko holoholo atu mo telee mo fai te tii i te taeao tena.

Ne fakamanava o fai a te tii, oti ko te mea loa ko latou kola e ga’lue i te maaloo mo nihi o fakapotopotoga, ko tumuli atu ki galuega kae ko latou kola e haohao, ne fakahoko loa a te galuega a latou.

local 0 issue 5.jpgKo Laupane T. Tausi tena e fano mo tena tifa ko pi maligiligi loa i mea’kai kae ko he iloa atu me ko iai hena galuega ne fai i te taeao tena me ikai.

E haga tagata o fai a te galuega, kae ko fafaine e haga hoki o fakatoka a mo mea’kai mo fagai a te kau ga’lue.

local 0 issue 6.jpgKo kamta tamatene o ‘tala a laukaapa i te tuafale
local 0 issue 7.jpgKo kamata o ‘tala a te taualuga



local 0 issue 1

Te kaupapa mo te ‘gie i loto i te Namo o Haapai I Nanumaga


Lomiga 01/2018

(Faifeau Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

Ko fai au mo sui o te KMT News o avatu a fakatalofaga ki fanau salalau a Nanumaga, faitalia me e tehea a te koga e noho ei koe, kae e he puli koe i loto mo agaga o otou kaaiga kae maise tino Nanumaga katoa.

Te ‘malu o fanau salalau a Nanumaga i te avanoaga tenei. E vikia kae tavaea ne tatou a te alofa o te Atua ona ko ana fakatokaga mo tatou. Ko fakatalofa atu au ki fanau salalau a Nanumaga i so se koga o te lalolagi kae tela ko mafai o faitau ki te tuhitala tenei ‘Tala o Haapai’. A te tuhitala tenei he vaega e tahi o fakatokaga a te Kamupane ko te KMT Corporation kae e mai i lalo o tena tuhitala tela e fakaigoa ki te KMT News.

A mea konei ki tala he vaega taaua o atiakega i so se atufenua io me o fenua. A tala e ave i loto o tuhitala, o niusipepa, i letio kae nei i te initaneti. A mea konei ne mea faigaluega e hokohoko  ei a tala, ona ko tala ko me taaua kae e avatu ne latou a pokotiaga ki luga i tino, fenua, fakapotopotoga, te maaloo, te ekalesia. Ko tala konei ko latou kola e atiake ne latou a te olaga ‘noho ‘lei o tino. E tonu a tala e atiake ne ia a te olaga manuia i luga i fenua mo atufenua, kae e mafai hoki o faka’tupu ne ia ne fakalavelave e uke ki, e fakamahei ne ia a vaa o tino, kae e ofa hoki ne ia a galuega atiake a fenua.

KMT staffTino ga’lue o te KMT News: Mai i tua: Minime Kitiseni, Kitiona Tausi
Mai I mua: Sauiluma K. Tausi, Afasene Iosefa

E he tenei la te fakamoemoega o te tuhitala tenei ‘Tala o Haapai’. Te fakamoemoega tonu o tala o Haapai ke fakafiafia ne ia a tino Nanumaga salalau ke avatu ne ia ki tino Nanumaga a tala o ana tino mo olotou galueluega mo olotou atiakega kae ke mafai hoki o iai he avanoaga e fai manatu i ei a latou ki mataupu kola e aogaa kae taaua e atiake i ei a te olaga manuia o fanau Nanumaga salalau kae maise ko latou kola i luga i te fenua tonu.

Te mea taaua loa i tala i loto i tuhitala aveave, e penei hoki i letio, te initaneti, me he avanoaga mo latou kola e he ma’lohi a olotou lei, latou kola e fia fai a olotou manatu mo mafaufauga ki tulaga o te olaga, kae ko he mafai ona ia ko tulaga ko oko a latou ki ei, e ma’haki io me e noho i tulaga ma’lalo i loto i fakapotopotoga.

‘Tala o Haapai, he moemitiga o aku tootino eiloa ke mafai o iai he tuhitala penei mo fanau Nanumaga tela a tona taaua ke mafai o iloa ne tino Nanumaga salalau a mea ‘tupu i luga i te fenua tonu, a mea ‘tupu ki tino Nanumaga, gahuehuega o tino Nanumag kae maise ko atiakega a te fenua. Tela la, a te tuhitala tenei e fakatoka atu ne au mai i lalo o taku tuhitala ko te KMT News. E fakatautau pela ko Ahofa katoa ka ‘lomi i ei a te tuhitala tenei. I te vaitaimi nei, e mafai o maua ne koe a te ‘Tala o Haapai’ i otou Facebook mo otou meli, ke oko ki te po 22 Mati tela ka ‘togi i ei, e $2.00 i te kopi tela e ‘lomi kae e $50.00 I te tauhagai te website. Ka toe fakailoa atu a nihi o fakatokaga.

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