Rt. Hon. Enele Sopoaga when addressing TMTI 100th course graduate at the end of last year 2017

(Ms Afasene Iosefa)

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu Rt. Hon Enele Sosene Sopoaga and Madame Salilo Enele Sopoaga hosted a Prayer Breakfast Gathering at 5.30am, Tuesday 3rd April 2018. The purpose of the gathering is for Cabinet Ministers to deliver presentations on the ‘Te Kakeaga III Roadmap.

The prayer breakfast gathering opened with a devotion that was conducted by the EKT President, Rev. Penitusi Taeia, after which the presentation by minister. This current government normally host prayer breakfast gathering in the beginning of the year.


(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
A group of women from the home island of Nukufetau has come to Funafuti to celebrate a great achievement in line with the development of women of Nukufetau. They arrived on the Mv Manu Folau’s trip that arrived on Funafuti yesterday morning, Thursday 29 March 2018.
The Nukufetau women on the capital were in filled with joy yesterday morning when welcomed their sisters from the island at the Talimalie II Falekaupule. The group from Nukufetau was led by its president Mrs. Tagilima Ionatana.
On arrival, the group was met at the wharf by the Vice President of the Nukufetau women association on the capital Mrs. Mavaega Letasi and escorted them to the Talimalie meeting hall.

The women’s touring group from Nukufeat were welcomed by Nukufetau women on the capital at the Talimalie II Falekaupule.

While having their breakfast, the group was entertained by their sisters here in the capital with various Nukufetau island songs.
KMT News was told that the group came to meet with the Nukufetau women on the capital on the review of their Foundation Fund that was reported to have exceeded its target of one hundred thousand dollars.
President of the Foundation Fund Committee, Mrs. Salilo Enele said, because the arrival of the group coincides with the Holy Week, it has been agreed for all their programs to be postponed to Monday next week.

kmt 9 12
Mrs Salilo E. Sopoaga, the President of the Nukufetau Foundation Fund

She said both groups will sit all day Monday to review the Fund, and also look into the survey that was carried out on who are willing to join the second target of the Fund, those who would like to withdraw their shares, and those wishing to continue contributing into the Fund on behalf of their deceased family members.
Those planning to withdraw their shares, Mrs. Enele said “will get theirs but are unable to join the second part of the Fund.”
The Fund was established with high hopes that every woman will benefit from it.
Other Committee members of the Fund are the Vice President, Valisi Alimau, the Secretary Vaovai Elisala, and Treasurer Siemai Niko Apinelu.
The group from the island will be here for a week and is expected to return on 10 April, 2018.
In addition, the women from Nukufetau presented an ‘alofa’ of local food to their sisters here in the afternoon which included bags of salted fish, germinating nuts, pulaka, buckets of toddy syrup and coconuts.
In return, Pulafagu Sepulona stood on behalf of the Nukufetau women here on the capital to convey their big thank you to the group for the wonderful gift they have received from them, and also wished everyone a very enjoyable Holy Week.


(L-R): The 4 participating youth groups: Funafuti, Vaiaku, Fa’kai Fou and Lofeagai

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
The youths of th Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu on the capital had also something to contribute to the commemoration of this years Good Friday. There were 4 youth groups that took part in an open air display of items that correspond to the events of Good Friday. The 4 youth groups were from the EKT congregations here on the capital: Funafuti, Fa’kai Fou, Vaiaku and Lofeagai. Unfortunately, the Tekavatoetoe youths were not able to participate at this evening’s open air show.

kmt 9 6
Lofeagai youth group performing

The show was held between the Fetu Ao Lima Chapel and the Tauspa Lima Falekaupule. Surrounding the show venue were many spectators who were there to witness the youths’ performance. Tonight’ items were not only restricted to action songs but there were also skids and play portraying themes from the first Good Friday.

Vaaku youths performing
Vaaku youths performing
Fa’kai Fou youths in action
Fa’kai Fou youths in action
The Funafuti youths in action
The Funafuti youths in action


A play produced by the Vaiaku Church Sunday School to portray
the Death of Christ on the cross at the Special Good Friday Service today

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
Today is Friday and it is Good Friday not only to Tuvalu but to all Christian countries in the world. Good Friday is part of the Holy Week Celebration and Good Friday is always a Public Holiday in Tuvalu and this also applies to Easter Monday which is Monday, 02 April next week.
Tuvalu is a Christian country and the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (EKT) is the only major Christian Denomination that claim a membership of about 90% of the 11,000 of the country’s total population.
Thus, all member churches of EKT in Tuvalu and overseas in Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, Nauru commemorate the Holy Week as well as the Good Friday.

The Vaiaku Choir singing in church
The Vaiaku Choir singing in church

The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Enele Sosene Sopoaga and Minister of Health, Hon Satini Manuella and wife were in attendance.

kmt 9 3
EKT’s commissioned minister to the Vaiaku Church Congregation, Rev Tofiga Falani delivering the sermon of the day

After the main service, then came the administration of the Holy Communion and Rev Falani continued to preside over the Holy Communion. This morning’s Holy Communion was historical in the sense that there all female deacons who served the Holy Communion which included the wife of the Hon. Prime Minister, Mrs Salilo E. Sopoaga.

Rev Falani administering the Holy Communion and Mrs Sopoaga is in white dress
Rev Falani administering the Holy Communion and Mrs Sopoaga is in white dress


(Ms Afasene Iosefa)
Tennis is another game that has occupied the interest of young men and women on Tuvalu’s capital, Funafuti.
Tournament Manager and a member of the Tuvalu Tennis Federation Organizing Committee, Mr. Alemenia Auega told KMT News that the tournament was opened last Friday evening at the Manu ote Kaulapuka court by three staff members from the National Bank of Tuvalu namely Kiritome Baueri, Alpha Taeka and Mitilelei Puava.
He said the NBT is willing to sponsor another tournament in the near future.
However, in the Juniors Category, Mr. Auega said there are two groups to compete and that include the under 14 boys and girls, and the other group include boys and girls under 10.
The prizes for this category is twenty dollars for first position, ten dollars for second place and five dollars for third place.
While the rest of the competitors will be awarded with two books and two pencils each.
The other categories include the men’s and women’s singles, the men’s and women’s doubles, and the mixed doubles. This will be a knockout competition.
The other category is the Mixed Open and it is opened to the age group of 45 and above, and those their weight exceed 110kg.
“Because it is a Mixed Open, it is up to those interested to choose their partners either mixed or men’s and women’s double, and they have to do their own registration,” Mr. Auega said. This will be a round robin competition.
The prizes for these categories are fifty dollars for the winners, thirty dollars for second place and twenty dollars for third position.
The tournament kicked start yesterday evening and the results will be published on the next issue.
TTF planned this tournament as a way of protecting its members from non-communicable diseases, the young ones to learn and know how to play the game, and the matured people to continue using their talents in the game of tennis.
The NBT Tennis Open 2018 will last for two weeks.
KMT News learnt that this is the TTF’s first tournament for this year, 2018.


The Nui community presented themselves to the Nanumaga community, in the normal, cultural introductory manner of a dance

(Rec Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
I was at dawn n Monday, 19 March when the Nanumaga Community assembling at the site of its new community hall still under construction when the new community well dressed up raided the camp of the Nanumaga community for a cultural presentation of gifts designated to help the Nanumaga Community in their work. In fact the raid was not at all a war raid but a raid of love presented in the cultural form of dancing.
Fir the past four weeks, the Nanumaga community on the capital, Funafuti behgan wotk on the building of is new community hall. The old community hall has to be demolished to allow room for the new hall. In community works like this, communities that have some kinds of relationship or attachments to that community, there is always a culturaL presentation of gifts and this what happened with the Nui Community.
The Nui and the Nanumaga Islands have historical link back to the colonial times and before the Japanese conquered Tarawa during the the Second Work War. This relationship emanated from the close relationship between the nui and the Nanumaga community of laborers while working for the British Phosphate Commission on Ocean Island or Banaba. That relationship continued from then on up to now. So whenever a kind of big work like this or a big function, the two communities normally come close to each other by means of gifts presentation.

KMT 8 16
Food items presented by the Nui Community

The Nui community came dancing and joyful and they were well received by the Nanumaga community at the work site. They presented an ‘alofa’ meaning a gift and the gift consisted of imported food such as rice, biscuit, sugar, frozen chicken quarter legs, packets of tea, milk powder and other smaller items’


Photos from the consultation

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
A stakeholder consultatation in line with the Shark’s Plan, Tuna Plan, CMM 2017 – 2021 was opened this moring at the Fishery’s Complex Building. The consultation was conducted by consultants from the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Mr Samasoni Sauni and FFA’s Legal advisor, Mr Tion and the South Pacific Commission (SPC), Stevn Hare and the Fishery Department.
Participants included stakeholders like the Legal Department, the Climate Change Unit, the private sector, NGOs and interested line departments.

KMT 8 9
Photos from the consultation



Mr Keizo Takahashi

(Ms Afaene Iosefa)
Staff of the Fisheries Department and the Funafuti Fishermen Association are very thankful to the Fisheries Adviser from the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Foundation of Japan (OFCF), for the fishing new technologies taught to them.
According to Mr. Keizo Takahashi, he taught these people three types of new fishing technologies.
He said one is how to use the Electric Reel with rod for deep sea yellowfin fishing, the second one is the Diamond Squid fishing in deep sea which is a very new type of fishing that nobody here knows it, and the third one is the Deep Sea Hand line with super cord.
“All the materials for these fishing new technologies are already with the Fisheries Department and his company would be very happy to send more materials pending the promotion of the new fishing technologies in the country,’ he said.
Apart from these fishing new technologies, Mr. Takahashi also taught staff of the Fisheries Department on how to make smoked fish.
He also had the chance to teach the Tuvalu women during the International Women’s Day on how to make smoked fish.
When asked about his smoked fish recipe Mr. Takahashi said, “Yes, I am happy to give you KMT News my recipe free of charge.”

Here’s the Smoked Fish Recipe:
1kg cut fish, 2 cups soy sauce, 2 cups white vinegar, 2 tablespoon sugar, Small amount of black pepper
Mix them altogether and marinade for one hour. After marinade, dry them for another hour, after drying, put them inside the smoked box and smoke with coconut husk. Then they are ready to eat.

Before coming to Tuvalu, Mr. Takahashi spent almost seven years in Tarawa, Kiribati teaching smoked fish and new technologies of fishing.
He left Tuvalu on yesterday’s flight and he will be back in May this year together with an engineer also from the OFCF who’s coming to do the maintenance of the Fisheries boat, Te Manaui.


Air Kiribati’s Dash 8 aircraft parking at the Funafuti International Airport shortly after landing in its first operational flight on 14 March 2018

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)
A new direct air service between Kiribati and Tuvalu will become effective today 21 March 2018. The service will be operated by Air Kiribati, Kiribati’s National Airline and its first inaugural flight to Tuvalu was on Wednesday, 14 March 2018. It is an exciting development as it will connect the two nations who have lived together under the former Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony.
Air Kiribati has announced that it will be launching one flight a week between the two countries utilizing Air Kiribati’s Dash 8 aircraft as from the 21 March 2018. The announcement was made by the Chief Executive officer of Air Kiribati, Mr Tarataake Teannaki.
The service will allow Tuvalu residents a new choice for travel to countries such as the Marshall Islands, Nauru Islands, Honiara in the Solomon Islands, Port Villa in Vanuatu, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and Brisbane in Australia.

Mr Teannaki said “We know that there are strong family and government connections between Kiribati and Tuvalu and we are confident that the service will be well used. The service we believe will facilitate the growth and development of both tourism and trade between the two countries and will further the Kiribati Government’s K20 objectives. Our new Tuvalu service is our second international service that we have announced after last year’s establishment of once a week service between Tarawa and Honiara and Brisbane.’
Manu Travel Office, a local company managed by Mrs Ilaisita S. Manuella has been appointed as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in Tuvalu.

KMT 8 6
The Manager of Manu Travel, Mts Ialisita S. Manuella

Prices between Tarawa and Funafuti start from $350.00 one way with up to 35 seats available on every service. Mrs Manuella said that passengers will enjoy an in-cabin service and the warmth hospitality of Air Kiribati’s cabin crew.
Manu Travel Office would like o announce that for the new service, passengers can purchase a ticket through the Kiribati Travel Agency (KTA) office in Bairiki at or via phone at 75021188/75021189 as well as Manu Travel Services Office in Funafuti at or via phone at 20980 or mobile 7006053/7006054.


HMS Te Mataili preparing to leave for Nanumaga on Monday night this week

(Rev Dr. Kitiona Tausi)

An outbreak of diarrhoea and vomiting is now being reported from the island of Nanumaga, the second furthest island in the north of the Tuvalu Islands from the capital and is has so far claimed one life.
The Chief Nursing Officer in the Princess Margaret Hospital, Mrs Filoiala Vete was interviews by KMT News this morning and she said that the Patrol Boat ‘HMS Mataili’ left for Nanumaga last Monday evening with a team from the Health Department. The team comprised of a doctor, Dr Christine Lifuka, and an officer from the lab, Ms Naomi Maheu, Staff Nurse Sieni Lapana and Mr Peia Tefau from the Sanitation Department.

KMT 8 1
Mrs Filoiala Vete

The ‘HMS Mataili’ is still at Nanumaga allowing time for the team to carry out an assessment of the situation there. The team will collect samples and also conduct a training workshop to assist the islanders in containing the outbreak. She said, the cause of the outbreak of this disease is not known yet, and when the medical team returned to the capital, they will make an analysis of the samples and perhaps they will be able to identify the disease and its causes. If the disease is known and if the outbreak is out-of-control, the World Health Organization will be informed for its immediate action.
Mrs Vete confirmed that there were 46 cases and mostly children that have been reported so far and for today, there has been no new cases being reported. She added that there had been no reports of similar cases on the other islands in Tuvalu.
The HMS Mataili will remain on the island Nanumaga until the medical team has got the required samples.

KMT 8 3
The Health Clinic at Nanumaga damaged by Cyclone Pam in 2015

KMT News has learned that the Health Clinic on the island was destroyed by Cyclone Pam in March 2015 and a new health clinic is yet to be built. In the meantime, part of a clan’s community hall is being used as a temporary health clinic. The community, in fact has already requested for a new health clinic to be built and the government is making plan for the building of the new and a much better and well equipped health clinic for the island.